Tracking your Electric Vehicles Business Insights

With the continuation of EV sales figures rising sharply, the message is clear – it’s now a matter of when, not if,

Ultimate Guide to Passing Your MOT Business Insights

Your annual MOT can be a blot on the otherwise serene horizon of your life, bringing with it worry about your car being safe,

Does Your EV Charger Affect Your House Price? Business Insights

With the UK firmly on the road to electric, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is steadily on the rise. Over 175,000 EVs were registered in 2020 – the biggest increase to date – and 2021 is expected to break that record.

Life-Saving Tips About Tyres! Business Insights

When you think of checking your tyres ahead of a long trip you do not tend to think of yourself as performing life-saving actions, but that is, in fact, what you are potentially doing!

What is a CAZ? Business Insights

Leading car leasing company Rivervale has created a concise, informative blog to help explain what you need to know. A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is an area where special measures have been implemented to help improve air quality.

How Fleets Can Cope with a ‘Delivery Economy’ Business Insights

Over the past year business has undergone a radical reversal in how it delivers products and services to its customers: increasingly, customers no longer go to businesses, businesses are traveling to their customers.

Ever Greener Fleets? Business Insights

Air pollution is an environmental health crisis that kills up to seven million people every year worldwide.

Leasing Electric Business Insights

Increasing numbers of organisations are turning to leasing as one of the easiest and most affordable ways for a business to procure a brand-new vehicle.

Drivers have reason to be blue in January Business Insights

insurethebox data reveals January as the riskiest month of the year to drive – with motorists in Scotland, the North and West of England facing the highest risk

Hybrid and electric vehicles Business Insights

To get the most from hybrid and electric vehicles they need to be maintained, serviced, repaired and even cleaned by suitably qualified technicians conversant with their special requirements.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Safety Expert Insights

Environmental awareness has risen significantly over the years, this and the cost of running and electric/hybrid vehicle sees drivers opting for the eco-friendly route.

Safer Driving Business Insights

The good news is that the UK’s roads are getting safer. The weird news is that one of the main reasons for that is the very technology regularly reported to be the cause of driver distraction and ensuing accidents.

Time to Switch to EV Business Insights

As if there weren’t enough encouragement already to switch to lower polluting vehicles such as Electric (EV) or Hybrid, the drivers of older diesel and petrol cars face a charge of up to £10 per day to travel into Birmingham city centre

THE MOT has changed Business Insights

In developments that will affect every driver, fleet manager and business owner, there have been some substantial changes as to what is tested during an MOT test and to the fault categories.

How Well do you Maintain your Fleet? Business Insights

As a business grows, and new vehicles are purchased, the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that they are well maintained,

Keeping them safe on the Road Business Insights

There is no question but that a company’s greatest asset is its workforce, and employers have a duty of care to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of their employees is protected while at work.

The advantages of electrifying your commercial fleet Business Insights

As the government continue to outline their plans to improve the UK’s air quality by reduced air pollution, electric vehicles have found themselves in the spotlight – even more so now that the diesel and petrol cars have been branded significantly harmful for the environment.

Tips on Leasing Your LCV Business Insights

“Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) are an essential business tool - without a reliable fleet of vans, many businesses and public sector organisations could not operate.

Telematics, fleet information in real time Business Insights

How useful would it be to your company’s fleet manager to be able to know exactly where each vehicle in your fleet is and how it is being driven at any one time?

Telematics and Your Duty of Care Business Insights

Since its introduction telematics has largely been regarded as a tool for recording where vehicles are and how long their journeys have taken.

Transport links vital for commuters to move away from work Business Insight

A YouGov poll of over 2,000 people commissioned by leading law firm Bircham Dyson Bell shows that commuters prioritise good transport links. 55% of commuters would consider moving further away from their place of work if transport links were better. In stark contrast – and contrary to popular perception – just 3% cited increasing property value as the most important reason to move to an area.

Driving Upwards Business Insight

The logistics sector has been facing a great many additional challenges recently.

Fleet Management Business Insights

Power to cut transport costs is in small firms’ hands