The Importance Of Managing Health & Safety Competently Business Insights

As businesses look towards returning to the workplace, Simon Ringham, consultant at Safety Management Limited, discusses the importance of managing Health & Safety competently and the benefits of outsourcing Health and Safety expertise.

Becoming a small-scale property developer Business Insights

Now is a great time to get into small-scale development. The government recently announced a whole range of Permitted Development Rights in England, making it possible to convert many commercial buildings without needing full planning permission.

Does Your EV Charger Affect Your House Price? Business Insights

With the UK firmly on the road to electric, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is steadily on the rise. Over 175,000 EVs were registered in 2020 – the biggest increase to date – and 2021 is expected to break that record.

The Things We Miss the Most About Office Life Business Insights

As 94% look towards a return to the workplace, overpriced coffees on the commute to memorable Friday hangovers at the office, Addison Lee have grilled Londoners to uncover the guilty pleasures they’re looking forward to as we return to work. 

Back To Work Solutions For Covid-19 Business Insights

Nina Wyers from The Floorbrite Group Ltd, offers practical solutions and innovations to limit the spread of Covid-19 in your workplace.

What are the 7 P’s of Marketing? Business Insights

Whenever you visit a shop, click on a website, view an advert, and make a choice about what to buy as a consumer, you are being influenced by the forces of marketing.

The Future of Contract Cleaning and Waste Management in 2021 Business Insights

The contract cleaning and FM market is highly competitive and increasingly focused on green solutions, therefore new innovation that provides environmentally sustainable solutions, improves speed, efficiency and - most importantly keeps standards high - is highly prized.

Surviving 2020 and Building a Stronger Business Business Insights

It comes as no surprise that many businesses have struggled throughout multiple lockdowns and the effects of the coronavirus, particularly those that require groups of people to attend and take part in their services.

How to Re-hire Post Covid Business Insights

The last year has been particularly tough on SMEs, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge amount of disruption.

Returning to the Workplace Business Insights

As many of us are now planning the return to our place of work, which for many of you will be the first time since the pandemic began, there are a few important things to remember in order to ensure that you protect the wellbeing of your employees.

How to Choose a Contract Manufacturer Business Insights

The UK economy is expected to recover lost ground very quickly in 2021, at a much faster rate than was predicted at the start of the year.

7 Critical Steps For SMEs To Prepare For The Future Business Insights

Preparing a business for the future can be challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that the way things are done can be changed at any moment, and being prepared is crucial to thrive in uncertain times. 

5 Morning management tips Business Insights

Meeting deadlines, hosting meetings, writing reports, whatever you need to achieve between breakfast and clocking off is much easier if you start the day well.

Life-Saving Tips About Tyres! Business Insights

When you think of checking your tyres ahead of a long trip you do not tend to think of yourself as performing life-saving actions, but that is, in fact, what you are potentially doing!

What is a CAZ? Business Insights

Leading car leasing company Rivervale has created a concise, informative blog to help explain what you need to know. A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is an area where special measures have been implemented to help improve air quality.

Oaktree - Returning to work… Business Insights

If the roadmap out of lockdown holds strong then there are undoubtedly boardrooms and staff meetings, socially distanced of course, up and down the country planning and preparing to return to the office place.

How pitch most effectively using video conferencing Business Insights

We are used to the traditional process of pitching our products or services to a client face to face. But how can you ensure you deliver the best pitch and win the client when you are using video conferencing?