Christmas, Time to Party? Business Insights

You may only just be shaking the sand out of your sandals, but as any event organiser will tell you it is never too early to book your Christmas Party, that way the date and venue are assured.

Time to Switch to EV Business Insights

As if there weren’t enough encouragement already to switch to lower polluting vehicles such as Electric (EV) or Hybrid, the drivers of older diesel and petrol cars face a charge of up to £10 per day to travel into Birmingham city centre

Your waste management as a business Business Insights

Businesses that operate with hazardous waste need to make sure they are associated with a waste management company to help them get rid of their waste in a safe manner.

How much can a power cut cost your business? Business Insights

In 2017, an estimated of 63,000 properties in North Lancashire were hit by a power cut and Edinburgh Airport had to delay flights due to power-related issues.

How to Spot a Star in the Workplace Business Insights

Business owners are being advised of the top qualities to look out for amongst their workforce in order to recognise and reward their very best employees.

Ten Steps to Interview Success Business Insights

New university graduates and ambitious jobseekers are being offered ten key pieces of advice to help them succeed in upcoming job interviews.

How Green is your Office? Business Insights

With the introduction of stricter standards for energy efficiency in commercial buildings under the MEES regulations,

10 Social Media Dos and Don’ts Business Insights

Researchers from have claimed that toxic social media profiles, ill-judged online comments and long forgotten shared photos could prevent job seekers and ambitious grads from getting a foot on the career ladder.

Going ‘gig’ Business Insights

UK employment sector set for huge shift: Over 1.5 million people to trade in full-time work for 'the gig economy'

THE MOT has changed Business Insights

In developments that will affect every driver, fleet manager and business owner, there have been some substantial changes as to what is tested during an MOT test and to the fault categories.

How to Handle Job Rejections Business Insights

Research has revealed that 61% of respondents cried when being rejected by a potential employer, whilst 57% had drunk alcohol and 14% had even gone back to a previous employer.

Alcohol and Drug misuse Business Insights

Every year thousands of employee lives are affected by alcohol and drug misuse, with the employee’s career being one of the first areas to suffer.

Tips for staying cool in the office Business Insights

Cutting out teas and coffee, investing in a personal fan and only eating small portions are some of the ways that sweltering staff can beat the heat at work.

How Well do you Maintain your Fleet? Business Insights

As a business grows, and new vehicles are purchased, the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that they are well maintained,

Is this You? Business Insights

Majority of Brits falling victim to the ‘always-on’ work culture.

The Great British Staycation Business Insights

Who needs abroad when you’ve got Britain, particularly when the weather is as kind to us as during the recent Bank Holiday weekend?