Everything you need to know when hiring a car for business trips

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Business travellers have been told what to look out for when hiring a car for corporate trips.

Hire car experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have named five things all business travellers and managers need to know before renting a vehicle overseas.

Before booking the hire car it must be agreed if the corporate credit card can be used for payment as the driver will be required to present this upon arrival.

Employees going abroad should ensure the correct insurance policy for business travel has been taken out and all their personal details are correct.

When hiring a car for business purposes, it's useful to check if the vehicle has certain features such as charging ports, built-in GPS systems and sufficient space for luggage.

Check the vehicle for any signs of existing damage and scratches to avoid being overcharged at the end of the trip.

John Charnock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental.com said:

"Business travellers who are planning to hire a vehicle for their work trips should ensure that the car has all the right features for corporate travel - this could include an updated built-in GPS system and charging ports.

"The driver will be required to use a valid credit card when collecting the hire car, so it should be agreed beforehand if the company credit card can be used.

"Employees should also make sure to check the hired vehicle for any scratches, dents or other problems with the car to ensure they don't get overcharged for any existing damage. Make sure to inform the hire car company as well as your employer."

Here's what business travellers need to know before hiring a car:

    1. Check for certain features

Depending on the country you're travelling to, ensure that the hire car has a good heating or air conditioning, and that there is a built-in GPS system so you don't have to rely on your mobile phone maps. Other features that would be useful for business trips include sufficient space for luggage, charging ports and a comfortable interior.

    2. Payment

Most hire car businesses will only allow the driver to use a credit card for payments. Ensure to agree with your manager before travelling abroad that you are able to use the company credit card for your vehicle hire. For instances when you have to use your personal credit card, remember to keep all receipts safe in order to claim back expenses - this includes receipts for fuel fill ups too.

    3. Insurance

The most important thing about hiring a card abroad is to have the correct insurance policy. Make sure to check with your employer that the insurance they have taken out for you includes business/commuting travel, and not just for social driving. Employees should also check all of their personal details are correct.

    4. Corporate perks

One of the benefits when hiring a car for business trips is the potential for complimentary upgrades or perks. Some rental companies may give out special offers or allow employees from certain businesses to access loyalty schemes if you plan on hiring their vehicles. It's also worth checking to see if the corporate package includes airport pick up and drop off schemes to the hire car location.

    5. Inspect the vehicle

Before driving off in your hire car make sure to thoroughly check around the vehicle for any signs of damage, scratches, dents or problems to the mechanics. Take pictures of any damage and let the hire car company know of these to ensure your employer isn't overcharged - as this could also reflect badly on yourself.