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What are the risks of smoking socially?

Are you ever tempted to have a cigarette when socialising with friends or family or attending a work’s party? Nicotinell, which has a raft of expert advice on how to stop drinking and smoking

Will the legal sector face problems from GDPR?

The European Parliament will be introducing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) later this year, to ensure better protection of data across Europe. Although Britain has decided to leave t...

British Manufacture, Innovation and You

2018 looks to be the year of the British manufacturer and with Bristol continuing to prove itself as an international hub for the world of engineering, this is surely the perfect time to take your ...

Big Names that are no longer with us

Some of the biggest names on the British high street have vanished over the past 40 years. Now. BHS is one of the latest to have joined the growing list of those memorable shops that have disappear...