Navigating The Evolution and Trends of Motorhome Ownership

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Motorhomes have evolved significantly in recent years, and are now more technologically advanced and eco-friendly than ever before.

The motorhome has come a long, long way since its conception back in the mid-20th century. The early models, most notably the VW campervan, remain iconic and highly sought after, but they can't match modern motorhomes when it comes to comfort, technological integration, and all-around enjoyment.

Engineering advancements and evolving customer standards have led to the creation of modern motorhomes that perform well on the open roads, while also offering a high standard of living come nighttime and plenty of eco-friendly credentials. In this post, we'll run through some of the trends that guide modern motorhomes.

Eco-Friendly Features

Motorhome owners tend to have a deep appreciation of the great outdoors. So it's no surprise that modern motorhomes are increasingly fitted with eco-friendly features that limit the impact the use of the vehicle has on the natural world.

Manufacturers are increasingly concerned with making their vehicles as earth-friendly as possible, and it's not uncommon to see solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and LED lighting all included in modern motorhomes. There's also a thriving aftermarket parts market for such products, allowing owners of older models to retrofit their vehicles.

The market for electric campers, while small, continues to grow. While there is only a small selection of such campervans currently available, it's expected that supply and demand will develop over the next decade.

Smart Technology Integration

It was a matter of time before motorhomes benefitted from smart technology integration. Today, with remote internet connectivity more widely available than it was in the past thanks to newly-built 4G and 5G towers, motorhome owners can fit out their vehicles with a wide range of advanced technologies that improve comfort and functionality.

This is a growing sector of the industry that is anticipated to balloon in the coming years. Indeed, it's not an exaggeration to argue that all the Internet of Things products we find in homes will soon be available for motorhomes.

Some motorhome owners have already added smart cameras to their vehicles to enhance protection. Smart thermostats, which can be used remotely to adjust the temperature of the vehicle, are also available — and given how wet and chilly the UK weather can be when out in the wild, it'll be no surprise if that's a common feature before too long.

Evolving Preferences

The evolution of the motorhome has been prompted, in large part, by evolving preferences among motorhome owners. More than in the past, motorhome owners are more likely to want eco-friendly features that reduce their carbon footprint and, in the case of solar panels and electric vehicles, reduce the costs of their trips. There's also a growing shift towards enhanced comfort in response to the increasing numbers of remote workers, who can clock in working hours while exploring in their motorhomes.

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