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The Workspace of 2022 Business Insights

The word “workspace” has seen its meaning nuanced repeatedly over the past 2 years, and 2022 could be the year that tweaks it again.

Hybrid, Sustainable Working Business Insights

It is abundantly clear that societal habits and working patterns have shifted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,

How offices have changed over the years Business Insights

Every industry faces changes, and naturally, every business adapts. So as a company at the forefront of developing needs and in the face of technological advancements,

What makes a successful property developer? Business Insights

Property development requires a particular set of skills. No, not the Liam Neeson type. The skills you need are used by many people in various industries, day in, day out. They are the skills of a CEO.

Your New Office Business Insights

As the country emerges from a global pandemic, demand for smaller office space has been on the increase as people consider their own business start-up

Hybrid Workspaces: Flexibility, Community & Wellbeing Business Insights

The words on everyone’s lips when it comes to office designs: hybrid working. Put simply, this dynamic work environment uses interior features that support the needs of each individual employee,

Is Downsizing Office Space The Only Option? Business Insights

Workplace design consultant and commercial interior design expert Chloe Sproston explains why businesses are considering downsizing their office space and offers other options for using the surplus space.

How heat pumps can help on the road to Net Zero Business Insights

Solar panels and wind turbines have long been the symbols of greener, cleaner energy. But there are other proven technologies that are being adopted to help drive us towards a lower carbon future,

Becoming a small-scale property developer Business Insights

Now is a great time to get into small-scale development. The government recently announced a whole range of Permitted Development Rights in England, making it possible to convert many commercial buildings without needing full planning permission.

Securing vacant property during the pandemic Business Insights

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on 4th January 2021, announcing that the UK would go back into full lockdown from midnight, the Government has updated its guidance on working safely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Ways to Increase Your Property Value Business Insights

One of the biggest questions most landlords face is what the rental rate should be. Setting the rate depends on a variety of factors including the location of your property,

Is Your Location Harming Business Growth? Expert Insights

Whether you’re an established business searching for a new HQ or are a brand new startup looking to find your feet, the most important thing to remember is location, location, location.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2019/20 Business Insights

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Being up to date with the latest kitchen design trends ensures that it is functional while also remaining stylish.

Investing in Off Plan Property Business Insights

Investing in a property before it’s been built, known as off-plan, in recent years has become more and more attractive to investors throughout the UK and overseas.

Let’s talk money. Business Insights

Among the constant discussions about the housing shortage, and the difficulties surrounding gaining planning permission,

How garden villages can improve the UK’s housing crisis Business Insights

The UK is facing a housing problem. According to the National House Building Council, the number of new homes fell 1% between April and June compared to the same period in 2016, while in the private sector, this figure dropped by 7%.

Britain is Building Business Insights

The construction industry is seeing completions rise, but conversions and extensions are accounting for a high proportion of current activity.

Would tax reforms encourage landlords to sell? Business Insight

The Chancellor should help generation rent to own their current properties through the reform of Capital Gains Tax according to a new report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Building for the Over 50s Business Insight

There's a massive market out there for new homes - and we’re not talking about first-time buyers.