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How to get your staff back in the office Business Insights

In the ever-evolving landscape of the post-pandemic world, businesses are faced with a unique challenge: encouraging employees to return to the office.

Warehouse Storage – Never Enough? Business Insights

Given the current cost of warehouse space due to the high demand from the on-line retail sector, those who already have a warehouse,

What are Dilapidations Business Insights

To put dilapidations in simple terms, they represent the ‘exit costs' for a tenant at the end of a commercial lease, although on occasions an interim schedule of dilapidations may be served during the lease.

Clamping Down on Wind Uplift Business Insights

Though the effects of wind uplift on roofing are widely understood and compensated for, the damage

Why 2023 Won’t Be A Good Flipping Year Business Insights

For the uninitiated, flipping involves buying a property, refurbishing it, and selling it for a profit. If you've seen a 2021 report by Hamptons,

Cost of Living Crisis Business Insights

With the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ at the forefront of our lives we can all agree we are living in uncertain and worrying times.

Tips for first-time landlords Business Insights

Whether you have purchased a buy-to-let property or found yourself in a position where you have a property that you are considering renting out,

A Solution To Town Centre Decline Business Insights

Vape stores, charity shops and to let signs – the state of our town centres is depressing. Out-of-town supermarkets and internet shopping have been two powerful body blows that have had our high streets reeling.