What Are the Benefits of Mobile CCTV Towers and Where Can They Be Used?

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CCTV towers are stand-alone mobile units specifically designed to provide robust, all-in-one, remote monitoring solutions to sites requiring temporary security. Equipped with HD cameras, sensors, and other security features, these units offer round-the-clock monitoring for vulnerable sites where installing a fixed CCTV system isn’t economical or physically viable.

Due to their flexibility and ease of installation, mobile CCTV towers can be utilised in various situations, making them a sought-after security measure for sites needing portable surveillance.

Below we highlight the wide range of benefits CCTV towers provide and the situations where they can be used:

Temporary Site Security

Mobile CCTV towers are perfect for sites requiring short-term protection as they don’t require permanent infrastructure to operate. As fully power-independent units, temporary CCTV towers are commonly used to protect construction sites, festivals, events, vacant properties, and places with short-term surveillance requirements or where installing a fixed CCTV system isn’t viable. Additionally, with solar power capabilities, they are particularly useful for off-grid applications and at sites without a mains power supply.

Increased Visibility

Mobile CCTV towers come with advanced surveillance technologies, including high-definition cameras, motion sensors, night vision capabilities, and remote viewing. These features provide high-quality surveillance coverage over wide areas, capturing video footage and images in real-time. The advanced capabilities of mobile CCTV towers allow for effective activity monitoring, detection of potential security threats and enables quick responses to security incidents.

Rapid Deployment

CCTV towers are the preferred security measure for temporary sites due to their short set up time, which can be as quick as 20 minutes. This is a significant advantage over traditional CCTV cameras, which can take weeks or months to install depending on the site's size. Mobile CCTV towers are also flexible and portable, easily deployed in various locations as per security requirements. They can be moved to different areas within a site or relocated entirely, making them highly adaptable for changing security needs.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

CCTV towers are equipped with heavy-duty cameras that provide 360° detection and use the latest artificial intelligence video analytics to detect, track, and analyse moving objects. To get the most out of a CCTV tower, it is recommended that you enlist the services of a security company to monitor your site. Footage from the tower feeds into the security company’s remote monitoring centre, staffed by CCTV monitoring operatives, providing round-the-clock surveillance. Should an intruder enter a site that a CCTV tower safeguards, the control room will be notified, and escalation procedures will be followed according to the client’s requirements.

Cost-Effective Security Solution

Utilising CCTV towers can lead to substantial cost savings over employing static on-site security guards. Hiring security guards is a costly exercise, requiring additional expenses for salaries, benefits, and training. Setting up fixed CCTV infrastructure can also be expensive, with costs for installation, wiring, and maintenance. Mobile CCTV towers, however, are self-contained units that do not require extensive installation or wiring and come with built-in power sources such as generators or solar panels.

Deterrence & Prevention

The presence of mobile CCTV towers can deter crime and unauthorised activities. Potential intruders are less likely to engage in illegal activities knowing they are being monitored. Mobile CCTV towers also help prevent accidents and ensure compliance with safety regulations in construction sites, industrial areas, and other environments where safety is a concern. The proactive prevention of security incidents through mobile CCTV towers can save time, money, and resources while enhancing overall security.

Where Can CCTV Towers Be Used?

Construction Sites: These sites are often vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access, making them an ideal application for mobile CCTV towers. These towers can be quickly deployed to provide round-the-clock surveillance and deter potential criminals. The towers can monitor the construction site in real-time, capture clear images of individuals and vehicles, and provide crucial evidence in case of any incidents. The remote monitoring capability allows for continuous surveillance without on-site personnel, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Events & Festivals: Mobile CCTV towers can be used in public events and gatherings, such as festivals, concerts, and sports events, to ensure public safety and deter criminal activities. The high-quality surveillance helps identify suspicious activities, monitor crowd control, detect security breaches, and assist the emergency services in maintaining order.

Vacant Properties: Vacant and unoccupied properties are easy targets for thieves, vandals, squatters, and arsonists. The damage they cause can leave building owners and landlords out of pocket. CCTV towers safeguard vacant properties as they are powered by solar panels and batteries, making them self-sufficient and operational around the clock. This ensures continuous monitoring, even in areas without mains access.

Critical Infrastructure: Sites like substations, water treatment facilities, nuclear power plants, and data centres require stringent safety measures to prevent unauthorised access and potential threats. Mobile CCTV towers provide continuous surveillance and real-time monitoring of these high-risk areas. Their advanced features enable security personnel to detect and respond swiftly to suspicious activities.


CCTV towers are a highly visible security solution that provides numerous benefits to sites where they are deployed, playing a key role in protecting people, property, and assets. If you’re looking to secure your property with a mobile CCTV tower, get in touch today.