7 interior plants that will give your house a revitalised touch

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Everyone wants a vibrant, fun and aesthetic home, right? Well, this is something that goes beyond just furniture, painted walls, textiles and decor. No matter your interior style, be it a neutral home complimented by vintage pieces and wooden accents or a colourful pad filled with contemporary ornaments and abstract green wall art, incorporating plants will always add an extra feature to every room.

Adding indoor plants to your interior will not only enhance the visuals of the space but also come with many wonderful health benefits. These health benefits include boosting your daily mindset, improving the air quality throughout your home and creating a calming, zen atmosphere. Let's look at seven incredibly beautiful, quirky and stylish indoor plants you can add to your home all season round for a revitalising touch.

The Snake Plant

Introducing one of these into your home decor comes with a long list of wonderful benefits beyond just its striking appearance. Your new snake plant has the capability to create cleaner indoor air quality by efficiently filtering out toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. Unlike other plants, a snake plant can also continue converting carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, making it a wonder plant choice for the bedroom. As well as the health benefits, this plant can be a very low-maintenance option; great for those who want something easy and carefree, it's a wonderful choice for both expert plant enthusiasts and beginners. Visually, the snake plant offers a sleek look, perfectly adding to a modern aesthetic. It has pointed leaves that face upright with a wonderful patterned appearance that adds a pop of colour to any space.

Peace Lily

With its elegant looks and air-cleansing attributes, a peace lily is a brilliant addition to any home. The peace lily is able to thrive in low-light conditions, meaning it can be versatile for multiple spots around your house. Known and loved for blissful white flowers, this plant not only works hard as an air purifier, getting rid of common indoor pollutants like ammonia, but it also adds a serene, calming atmosphere.

Spider Plant

This much-loved and popular plant with arching green and white striped leaves will contribute to your home as a natural air purifier, being particularly effective at combating pollutants like benzene. The spider plant can effortlessly transform any space into a visual oasis. Its unique appearance adds a touch of natural art to the room, creating a contemporary and dynamic aesthetic. Whether placed in a minimal living room or a modern sunlit kitchen, this plant will provide a pleasing contrast to a number of backdrops.

Aloe Vera

This indoor plant will offer a distinct and fairly unusual aesthetic, which is why it has proved to be a very popular choice for a lot of contemporary homes. The Aloe Vera plant is able to seamlessly blend both form and function into your home's decor with its succulent leaves in a beautiful rosette arrangement. The soothing greens provide a sense of tranquillity to the home while it sits proudly on a side table, window ledge or shelf. This plant is a wonderful choice for those seeking a minimalistic plant for a subtle transformation.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A botanical masterpiece that effortlessly transforms the aesthetic of any home. With its large, violin-shaped leaves, the fiddle leaf fig provides a room with deep green tones, texture and a dramatic display. It is the perfect option for those wanting a plant to make a statement in an empty area with a tropic feel. Not only is this a captivating piece to incorporate into more traditionally decorated places, but it will also add diversity to contemporary homes too. This is a timeless, versatile option that is definitely worth considering.

Rubber Plant

Now, a rubber plant is definitely a stylish contender when you want to add plants to your home decor. With its glossy dark green leaves and striking upright appearance, it's definitely a plant that catches the eye. Whether positioned in the room as a statement or placed subtly on a desk or side table for a hint of nature, it's perfect for an eclectic space. Aside from its visual appeal, the rubber plant is durable and adaptable, making it the perfect practical choice for plant enthusiasts and those new to owning them.

Boston Fern

Beyond just a visual appeal, the Boston fern's air-purifying qualities make it a great addition to any home. Whether suspended in a hanging basket or carefully placed on a shelf in a decorative pot, this plant brings both a lush look and natural charm. Its feathery, emerald green display adds a soft sophistication to the home and can complement various interior styles, from bohemian to Scandinavian and traditional vintage. Transform any space with the Boston fern, making the most of both its health and aesthetic benefits.

Incorporating these indoor plants into your interior design will not only enhance your home's visual appeal but promote a healthier, more revitalised environment. Embrace the green and create a home that makes you feel happier, calmer and content. Happy plant shopping!

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