Kitchen Design Trends for 2019/20

Business Insights

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Being up to date with the latest kitchen design trends ensures that it is functional while also remaining stylish. We’ve looked at previous trends in ‘Upcoming Kitchen Design Trends for 2017’, but with styles changing every year it’s important for interior designers and businesses to keep up.

In this post, we’ll be looking at popular kitchen trends for this year and how this is affecting the interior design market.

Stone kitchen fittings

While colourful and mosaic style ceramics are also worth considering, stone has proven to be very popular this year. Whether it’s for sinks, floors, the wall tiles or countertops, stone finishes have dominated the market. Design retailer DeVOL recognised the trend and came out with Carrara marble butler sinks. Each of their sinks are cut from a single block of honed smooth stone. The most amazing part is that stone ages beautifully over time. Similarly, the collection of floor and wall tiles from Iris Ceramica offer a palette of cool neutrals that is perfect for those preferring a minimalist design. Stone kitchen fittings are also easy to clean and maintain, which is probably why many homeowners and establishments are opting for this particular trend.

Bold colours and pastels

On the other hand, Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio believe that vibrant colour schemes have continued to be popular this year. Scandinavian styles involving bright pops of colour bring some much-needed life to dull rooms. For those not brave enough for the contrasting bold colours, why not consider using pastels to inject a little fun and individuality into kitchen finishes? The team at Schüller state that blue, pink, green and yellow pastels exude a wow factor when used for highlighting kitchen features. As explained in our article ‘A Fresh Look at Interior Design’, we discussed how colour has the power to influence one’s mood, whether it’s soothing pastels or stimulating bolds. Colour is best used when suited to the function of the room: a space for cooking should be light and bright while a room used more for entertaining could have a darker hue.

Open shelving and vertical storage

Open shelving and vertical storage are also popular for adding personality to a kitchen. Country Living details how the style allows you to showcase beautiful kitchenware and antiques while also making everything easier to find. Place aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools or food on open shelves to make a statement. Additionally, when talking about the design trend, the guys at Papilio said, “It's the perfect chance to add lots of greenery in a physical format with bright, airy kitchens providing the perfect setting for succulents and hanging Ivy, incorporating yet another important interior style trend.”

While aesthetics and greenery are a few reasons to go for open shelving and vertical storage units, another is practicality. With this design, homeowners are making better use of tiny kitchens. As Screwfix’s list of kitchen units demonstrates many are now designed for small spaces, with an emphasis on height rather than width. This is especially useful as homes are becoming increasingly compact these days. With homeowners being smarter with the storage they invest in, vertical space and open shelves are a trend that looks like it’s here to stay.

Geometric features

While 2017 and 2018 was dominated with round and oval shapes, 2019 is bringing back square features. Geometric features in the kitchen include everything from storage units, to countertops and chairs. Grid-like shelving suspended from the ceiling is one way to go about it, as well as cuboid cabinets fitted onto a wall. The style gives length and depth to a space, often making it feel bigger than it is. This design works perfect with stone kitchen fittings since it avoids making geometric shapes too dull by adding some texture and colour.

2019 has been another exciting year for kitchen trends with customers leaning towards more minimalist and practical designs. Businesses looking to attract potential customers need to be aware of which trends are currently popular, while also keeping an eye out on what next year’s trends might be.