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Over 50s in the Workplace Business Insights

The recent suggestion by the work and pensions secretary that individuals over 50 should consider delivery jobs has ignited a conversation about age discrimination

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In recent years, HR has become the heart of organisations, handling crucial tasks like recruitment, annual leave, onboarding, compliance, and performance management

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The truth is that stress is simply unavoidable in modern life; of course, there are things that produce more stress than others and owning your own business is one of those things.

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Although Imposter Syndrome exists only in the mind, it can hold back some people from achieving their full potential.

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Creative ideas can sometimes be like kittens – not easy to herd. It's great when you end up with an abundance of ideas for a tricky workplace challenge,

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Diversity has been a buzzword for organisations and businesses in recent years, and for a good reason. Not only is it essential for companies to reflect the societies in which they operate,

An unusual job for a woman? Business Insights

Abbey Maxwell, Head of Shared Services for duct cleaning and legionella risk experts Swiftclean UK,

The Changing Essentials Of Good Leadership Business Insights

Along with strategic thinking and making business decisions, being a modern leader involves managing mental health, wellbeing, psychological safety, diversity, and inclusion.

Revealed 2023 Workplace Trends Business Insights

Peter Jones, Founder and Manager Director at Foyne Jones Recruitment Group says, "We all know that the skills crisis is a massive concern right now,