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Increasing numbers of organisations are turning to leasing as one of the easiest and most affordable ways for a business to procure a brand-new vehicle. Thus, reaping the benefits of improved vehicle safety and technology, reliability, brand image and of course overall driving enjoyment.

Opting for leasing allows the business owner or Fleet Manager to control all aspects of the business's automotive expenses. You benefit from fixed monthly fees without unforeseen or debilitating extra charges. It frees up business capital for investment elsewhere, and means you avoid the depreciations risks associated with alternative financing methods. However, reasonable care has to be taken of the vehicle and also there is an obligation to remain under the stated mileage at the contract inception or the finance company will levy a charge for loss of value.

There are numerous benefits attached to leasing for savvy business owners, minimum capital outlay, accurate monthly budgeting due to fixed interest rates and reduced administration. In addition, the business can benefit from ongoing advice and support, vehicle excise duty paid for the duration of the contract, optional built in maintenance and breakdown rescue cover, all as part of the leasing package.

With another increasingly important consideration for many businesses being the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, business owners and fleet managers are faced with a dilemma. With the on-road cost of an electric vehicle being likely to be higher than their traditional combustion counterparts for some time yet, the size of that initial outlay sometimes mitigates against their willingness to reduce emissions.

Opting to lease your new electric vehicle can solve the problem of the initial outlay, thus rewarding the business not only with the uptick on their green credentials but the ongoing benefit of reduced fuelling and ongoing maintenance costs, making your new electric vehicle an attractive investment for both company and staff.

This is even without considering available government grants, congestion and low emission zone relief, vehicle excise duty exemptions and lower National Insurance contributions. For staff, they bring 0% Benefit in Kind (BiK) and no fuel benefit charges. Rentals can be offset against the businesses’ profits. While cars with a CO2 output above 130g/km are currently subject to a 15% disallowance on the amount of the rental that can be claimed against the businesses’ taxation, for contract-hired cars with a CO2 output of 130g/km or below, there is currently no disallowance. Yet another benefit from going green.

Modern electric vehicles have quashed resistance to electric cars fuelled by range fear and performance issues. The Tesla Model 3 Performance, for example, can cover up to 329 miles on one charge, while offering acceleration to compete with a supercar (0 – 62mph in just 3.2 seconds). Steering is satisfyingly heavy with suspension that suits its secure yet sporty reputation. Handling and grounding are akin to even the most enjoyable of supercars.

Businesses, these days, are more than ever being judged on their commitment to the increasingly visible and valuable cause of reducing global warming, and will continue to be scrutinised for their efforts in this area. Therefore, vehicle electrification is increasingly considered a visible part of every business’s corporate social responsibility.

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