Triadic Labs Launches 22nd Century Technology To Revolutionise New Homes Sales & Design


  • Architects can showcase their designs from day one

  • Customers can look, trial, customise and feel homes before the first brick is laid

  • Data collected provides insight to buyers' preferences from location to property type to design customisation

  • Blueprint for the future of digital viewings for the residential sector

Midlands-based innovative start up Triadic Labs has introduced Triadic Dash, a set of game changing technology set to revolutionise the future of sales for off-plan properties and new homes.

Housebuilders, architects and agents alike are set to benefit from faster and increased sales of their off-plan properties as the innovative viewing platform means agents and sales teams can showcase multiple viewings at once online in fully immersive walk-throughs.

FTSE 100 housebuilders are already using the technology to showcase penthouses and apartments, but the platform is equally useful for houses, whether custom designed individual homes or large development schemes. Potential buyers can view from the comfort of their own home, with an agent virtually walking them through every sq ft of the not-yet-built property.

The prospective purchaser can also see more than one property at one time, being able to compare various plots from all aspects and angles. The ‘seventh sense’ technology allows clients to see what the natural light will be at any time of day on any date, what different finishes would look like for floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms, and even how varying furniture designs and layouts would look in reality in every room.

The technology will also be revolutionary for overseas buyers who want to build their own bespoke home choosing between specific designs and layouts, and also see how the property is progressing but cannot be in the country for every meeting.

The automated data captures all choices by clients during the viewing and instantly emails agents, developers and prospective buyers with a record of their favourite selections. Whether assisted by an agent for the walk-through or not, the platform also records numbers of viewings, how long a property is viewed for, and which salespeople the viewings were booked or assisted by.

In addition, Triadic Labs also produces more run-of-the-mill CGIs, fly-throughs and 360 videos that the market is already familiar with using, albeit with more advanced technology.

James Spooner, managing director of Triadic Labs, says:

‘Triadic Dash is the closest thing to a real physical viewing of an off-plan property. This never seen before technology is set to be a blueprint for the way all future new homes are marketed and sold. Housebuilders can sell their new properties and add on customisations faster and to a wider audience – potentially from all over the world. Architects can showcase their designs to high-end clients as they progress and enable them to customise each part of their new home from wherever they are based. And agents and sales teams also benefit by being able to hold multiple viewings with time-poor buyers, maximising their chances of sales.’

Set up in 2019, Triadic Labs is the brainchild of James Spooner, an engineer, scientist and researcher. His fellow directors include Ashley Howells, technology director and Alex Tozzi, commercial director. Based in the Midlands and London, the company is working on new features and customisation including data analysis of potential buyers’ preferences, which will be invaluable to housebuilders and architects in the near future.

Alex Tozzi, commercial director at Triadic, said:

‘While 360 viewings and fly throughs have been gaining in popularity and frequency over the last few years, Triadic sought to offer something more sensory and experiential that provides strong consumer confidence. Our platform supports sales teams in numerous ways, from a customisable dashboard that manages viewings, automates virtual walk-throughs and provides choice and the wow factor for targets, to reducing levels of administration and increasing conversions.’

In July, the Chancellor announced stamp duty breaks and reductions until end Q1 2021, to get the housing market moving again, having been at a standstill for the last four months, and unpredictable before then thanks to Brexit, a General Election and global economic uncertainty.

Spooner concludes:

‘Our launch is timely given the government’s acceleratory measures for the property market. Triadic’s technology can be built in less than eight weeks and, given the pent-up demand of buyers and their reticence to view properties in person, the time is right for virtual viewings to evolve and surpass 21st century technology. We are incredibly excited to be working with housebuilders, architects and others to fast-track new homes sales and capitalise on this window of opportunity.’