Total Processing is a leading provider in payment solutions..


that optimise business processes. Their latest Merchant service offering as POS vendors is only an extension of this. Merchants are now set to experience ease-of-service by integrating Total Processing’s bespoke CRM and payment gateways into point of sale devices.

As e-commerce grows, there is a growing ambiguity around the future of the storefront.

“Over 80% of retail sales in the UK this past year were made at POS. There’s no doubting the brick-and-mortar storefront just yet. With POS integration, Merchants can manage both forms of commerce from one device”.

Jean-Michel Soopramanien

Director, Total Processing

POS devices are rated the most popular tech install across retail stores in both the UK and North America. With NFC-enabled terminals also supporting the 71% of customers that shop via their smart-devices; Total Processing’s step forward comes at a time when the UK Finance Industry predicts that debit card payments will grow by 49%, to 19.7 billion payments in 2027.

Total Processing’s POS machines will facilitate omnichannel payment methods in a multitude of currencies. At the point of sale, Merchants will be able to accept payments via Chip and PIN and Magnetic Swipe hardware. The POS terminals will also be NFC-enabled for contactless payments, and Merchants can process card-not-present payments via the phone, email and pay-by-link through Total Processing’s virtual terminal.

Merchants will also be able to manage their e-commerce practices through Total Processing’s Virtual Terminal and CRM.

In integrating a POS into your business, the terminal will connect to your customer’s bank account via a Payment Gateway, to facilitate the transfer of funds.

Total Processing’s proprietary Payment Gateway supports most e-commerce platforms and is enhanced with numerous security protocols to give the Merchant total control over their transactions.

Working with Total Processing, Merchants can take advantage of their numerous, long-established relationships with acquirers, to obtain the best rates and services for their business.

With fraud scrubbing technology, chargeback protection and customer pre-check amongst their offerings, Total Processing’s leading services; when integrated with their POS devices, make for an optimised service.