Telephone Conferencing Rocketing Says WHYPAY? Offering Free Service to Besieged Businesses


As the government is encouraging people to work from home, Telephone Conferencing is on the rise. UK-based service provider, WHYPAY? this week saw a 120% increase in registrations compared to the previous week with that set to rise further. WHYPAY?, offers a simple solution which requires no new capital investment in hardware or software and is free to use.

“WHYPAY? is already used by almost every NHS Trust and multiple businesses around the UK. Over the last twelve months, WHYPAY? has saved our health service an estimated £1.7m in unnecessary call charges - money we believe can be much better spent elsewhere in the NHS,”

says CEO, Kieron James.

“But it’s not just cost-savings that are important; we set out to create a free service that can be accessed securely using a mobile or landline telephone with no apps or software to download, by simply using an 03 number to host the conference call.”

WHYPAY? has also produced a number of guides for people new to remote working including one for those who doing so due to coronavirus self-isolation. These are available on its website at

WHYPAY? offers a free plan providing a permanent conference number and PIN which can be used 24/7. But this week WHYPAY? also announced that it is waiving fees on all of its paid plans for the next three months.

“People have enough to worry about right now. Staying in the loop with colleagues needs to be as easy as possible. Our paid plans offer additional features like call recording, moderator controls and custom branding. We’re making these free too until the end of June,”

says James.

“To ensure this is applied across the board, we’ll be issuing a 25% refund to customers who are currently signed up to an annual plan and zero-value invoices until 1st July to our pay-monthly customers,"

he added.