Otis – Efficient and eco-friendly thanks to GSM Tasks


Otis, the global elevator maintenance and installation company, based in Helsinki, Finland, were one of our very first customers. Otis approached us for an external solution to digitise the job sheets and paperwork associated with maintenance callouts. One of the first regional offices of the global firm to allow the use of external software and plugins to their secure system, Otis chose GSM Tasks to get the job done, because of our reputation for providing secure, lightweight solutions.

Previously technicians were required to fill in job sheets and risk analysis forms for mandatory monthly inspections, taking up valuable time and requiring extra labour in the office to enter the data into the system. Otis wanted to move online and we had a ready-made foundation for a tailored product specific to their needs.

For additional security, our data is all stored and backed-up on a server based in Frankfurt, this is highly-secure and readily available through API for our clients. All customer data is available on export for them to use should they decide to leave us or if they wish to make their own backup of the data.

Templates that populate on the go

All the information including standard job details such as address and company information, populate the forms within the app immediatey, leaving the technician free to get on with the job, simply adding the technical notes and a series of check boxes to speed up the process.

Projects are entered into the system on a monthly basis, and distributed to the technicians in order of priority. Technicians are notified when a high-priority job arises, the app reschedules their other low-priority work so they are free to attend immediately – to someone stuck in a lift, for example. The mobile app automatically updates the system with the location of each technician – even when they are off-duty, in case of emergencies to create an optimum logistical service.

Customisable to fit your business needs

The ability to include customised elements sets GSM Tasks apart from off-the-shelf logistics products; the ability to locate technicians and immediately assign tasks of a higher priority within the same vicinity and customisable job sheets ready with the vital information for the technician which once processed automatically end up in the central office database are key differentiators.

For each of Otis’s particular tasks time had to be spent setting up the forms in advance. This is usually done for each of the larger clients, but for smaller customers forms are based around their most frequent tasks.

The time taken to ensure the system is optimised for these customers ultimately saves many hours down the line, allowing much of the form to be populated within the app from job location and customer data. The forms have also been optimised with simple-answer options, based on feedback from previous paper forms and cover common issues technicians face.

Once the form is completed and submitted to the mobile app, the information is immediately sent back to the office. The customer’s bill is generated almost instantly, saving paper, time, and money while helping clients exceed their customers’ expectations.

Future developments include a scheduler that uses information from within the job specification to prioritise the jobs, instead of relying on a time frame having been entered. The new solution will automatically learn which jobs are more important than others.

New developments arise from our experience with the differing needs of our clients and solving the problems to provide a better tailored product. Many of the tweaks developed in this way can be offered and implemented very easily across the entire customer base.

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