Northcoders Women and Gender Diversity Fund announces five new scholarships for its Part-time Software Development in JavaScript bootcamp


Through its Women and Gender Minorities Diversity Fund, Northcoders – one of the UK’s leading independent providers of training programmes for software coding and data engineering – has announced that it is offering five scholarships for its Part-time Software Development in JavaScript Bootcamp worth £8,450 each. The aim is to empower cisgender women and transgender, non-binary, and intersex people of all genders who want to forge a career in tech.

The course starts on July 29th 2024 and will run over 30 weeks. It was launched earlier this year and was developed to accommodate those who are not able to participate in a full-time programme due to work or caring commitments. Applications for the five scholarships can be made here.

Sam Caine – chief operating officer at Northcoders – said:

“Since our first bootcamp back in 2016, Northcoders has already invested tens of thousands of pounds to increase the representation of women and gender minorities in tech. In 2023, we launched the Women and Gender Diversity Fund, and this year, we will be providing scholarships worth over £40,000. That is something we are incredibly proud of.

Sam added:

“We are hoping that this initiative will be another step forward in helping to remove barriers and empower as diverse a range of people as possible to pursue a career in tech.”

The part-time bootcamp, with the same award-winning and industry-recognised approach as Northcoders’ full-time equivalent, is designed to equip aspiring developers with the full stack software development skills needed to launch successfulcoding careers. The curriculum covers both front-end and back-end coding and has a special emphasis on web applicationdevelopment.

Spanning 30 weeks, the programme requires a minimum of 3.5 hours of contact time and eight hours of self-study each week.Live lectures and seminars are scheduled twice a week, with lectures being recorded for those who cannot attend in real-time.

This flexible learning schedule ensures it is feasible to learn to code around family or employment commitments, particularlyaccessible for those who are not able to terminate existing contracts before training for their new career of choice. This reflectsNorthcoders' dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

A significant emphasis is also on collaborative learning. Through study groups, students will benefit from one-on-one mentoring sessions as well as specific debugging support to help them navigate coding challenges. This approach will ensurethat students not only learn coding but also develop problem-solving skills that are essential in the tech industry.