Local tech firm return from team-building week in paradise


Worcestershire based tech firm, Payara Services Ltd, has returned from a week of exploring and working on the sub-tropical island of Madeira, as part of its community and relationship building strategy.

Headquartered in Malvern Hills Science Park with an EU office located in Funchal, Madeira, Payara is a global open source company that specialises in the development of innovative infrastructure software.

Supported by a global remote working team that spans 10 different countries, Payara hosts a dedicated ‘Payara Week’ each year to bring all team members together to aid relationship building, whilst working on an approach for the continued growth and development of the business.

This year’s venue was the new EU office in Madeira, which Payara opened in January 2019 in response to Brexit.

Eliot Martin, Technical Delivery Manager at Payara said:

“We recently achieved something unique, important, and ultimately hugely valuable for the organisation and its continued success. Payara Week Madeira became so much more than a strategic discussion.

Together, ‘Payarans’ broke down barriers between departments and strengthened the mechanisms that allowed critical information to flow across the company. We inspected and adapted the systems and processes that underpinned how the teams worked together. We shared knowledge and developed ideas. We strengthened relationships and built upon the already phenomenal Payara culture.”

Having taken place between 7 – 14th March 2020, the week consisted of company-wide presentations, interactive workshops and team strategic activities, whilst also providing the opportunity for relationship building through social activities.

The Payara team also spent an afternoon exploring some of Madeira’s amazing locations, sampling local foods and listening to folk-song performances as well as taking part in fun team-building activities.

Having forged links with Madeira University as part of the Payara STEM outreach programme, the Payara team took some time to share their tech expertise through a series of lectures to students studying Software Engineering.

Julia Millidge, HR Manager at Payara added:

“Although much strategic planning and collaborative working happens during the week, the social side of things is equally as important. As a company with workers from 10 different countries, it is a great opportunity to bring together colleagues who usually only see and speak to each other via the internet. Remote working has many advantages, but human contact is essential even just for a brief period.”

While all members of the company are now working remotely in response to COVID-19, the energy and relationships built during Payara Week has given the firm extra momentum to enter this unprecedented situation with confidence and community spirit.

Julia finished:

A key benefit of culture-building events like Payara Week is the reinforcement of team, vision and values which will enable the company to work together through the tough times ahead.

To find out more, visit: https://www.payara.fish