Joining Forces: PCS And Blue Garnet Announce Partnership


At Pure Cloud Solutions we are always looking to collaborate with other likeminded businesses as a way of adding value to our clients and prospective clients. That’s why we are delighted to announce that PCS have partnered with business support hub Blue Garnet!

The partnership comes after introduction from a mutual contact where we quickly realised there was real synergy between the two businesses and the way we operate with our clients.


Blue Garnet was formed by entrepreneurial business-woman Sarah Ashford. Having spent six years as a business advisor for the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, she realised there was a need for a local business hub that could offer SME’s cost saving support and solutions.

Sarah said,

“Establishing relationships with trusted strategic partners was key to ensuring businesses would receive the best advice, support and solutions. As part of my network of industry experts, I wanted to work closely with a leading telecommunications provider.

“The partnership with Pure Cloud Solutions means Blue Garnet can benefit from over 30 years of experience in that industry from a company that prides itself on its values and reputation.”

She continued,

“Working with the team over a number of years through other roles and seeing the benefits of their recommendations said everything I needed to know about their company values and way of delivering solutions to customers.”


It’s hoped this new partnership will support both PCS and Blue Garnet to harness new opportunities that may not have been possible before. It will allow us to drive business by utilising our collective networks, to tap into new markets and sectors whilst adding value to the wider SME landscape.

Jamie Lake, new Managing Director at PCS said,

“This partnership with Blue Garnet is exciting because it offers us the chance to speak with prospective clients, we may not necessarily have been able to get into to talk to.”

“It presents a unique opportunity to align ourselves with a business of a similar mindset who is looking to achieve the same goals as us, solving real business issues and making our clients lives easier.”

Working as a mutual referral system, this newly agreed partnership will support companies to access appropriate help, advice, solutions, and benefits from two businesses that share a similar passion.

It comes at a crucial time for SMB’s as more companies seek advice on adopting new ways of working and support with cost savings in response to a struggling economy.

Sarah highlighted,

“In business it is important to work with trusted associates, particularly in these unprecedented times. I truly believe we are stronger if we work together to support each other’s businesses.”


The future of technology is forever evolving so it’s inevitable that the partnership between PCS and Blue Garnet will evolve too. Combining our experience, integrity and corporate networks will hopefully position this partnership as a powerful offering for SMB’s in the region.

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