Foregenix Case Study


There are thousands of successful small and medium businesses flourishing across the UK, growing steadily and doing what they do exceptionally well. Yet many approach a certain stage in their development without the budget, resources or experience to invest into the necessary marketing and PR for expansion.

Foregenix, a cyber security expertise company, was one such company. Thriving internationally, and with an enviable customer base, externally the business was going fantastically. However, with a lack of profile within the market they faced a barrier to continued growth. Often, faced by such a challenge, SME's dedicate a large amount of money which cannot really be spared to creating a full-time role before truly required, invest sporadically in random marketing ideas without clear assessment of ROI or strategy, or simply ignore marketing completely. Forgenix took another approach. With rapid growth and ambitious plans for expansion, but a short-timescale, they appointed a part-time Marketing Director from The Marketing Centre - John Courtney.

Having founded and run 6 businesses, including a 50 person marketing agency, John had already dealt with similar market challenges to those Forgenix was facing. Utilising his 30 years of experience, he was able to quickly identify and execute a strategic marketing plan focused on an extensive awards campaign, website maximisation, and PR programme. As a result, the company was nominated for 20 national and local awards in just 18months and recognised by The Sunday Times as one of the UK's fastest growing exporters in its SME Export Track 100. Over the same period more than 150 press articles were published about the company, and social media interactions rose by 180%.

Now working on building on this strong performance, Foregenix is working together with The Marketing Centre on its’ plans to recruit a full-time head of marketing and expand its marketing activities further.

Foregenix co-Founder and CCO Benj Hosack Comments:

“The Marketing Centre initially stepped in to help us with our marketing strategy. Subsequently, we have kept them engaged as we execute on the plans - the relationship has been very good for us, enabling us to leverage the experience and contacts that the marketing pros at The Marketing Centre have built up over a career dealing with challenges like those we’re currently dealing with.”