EZ-base welcomes Troy UK as a new shareholder of EZ-base B.V.


EZ-base welcomes Troy UK as a new shareholder of EZ-base B.V. In 2020, EZ-base B.V. announced its partnership with Troy UK to offer its complete database solution in the United Kingdom. Within the new joint venture, EZ-base has leveraged its proven data management expertise to support Troy's suppliers and members in the use of the EZ-base online Product Information Management System. After three years, EZ-base UK has grown into an indispensable link in the exchange of product information and almost 200 companies are now affiliated. With the joining of forces, Troy and EZ-base will expand the collaboration to other countries.

EZ-base, your rock-solid partner in information provision

With more than 18 years of experience, EZ-base B.V. offers a total solution in data management in the Benelux and the UK for suppliers, trade and purchasing associations from various countries and industries. With its advanced technology, rich product information is acquired from suppliers, refined, standardised and clearly communicated to the customer. EZ-base offers an all-encompassing database containing an online product data package for websites, webshops and apps, among other things.

Troy, the champion of independent businesses within industrial supplies

Troy is the UK's largest independent network for tools, maintenance and industrial supplies. With 40 years of connecting market-leading suppliers to independent businesses, Troy members gain extensive supplier access, product expertise, data services, technology solutions and support with business services. Troy champions independent businesses, supporting excellent customer service and creating thriving local economies and communities to build a better future for everyone.


Through the joint expertise of Troy and EZ-base, customers experience the best service available in the industry. The business leaders shared their thoughts on the extended partnership:

Paul Kilbride, CEO (Troy UK): 

“Troy is delighted to collaborate with the EZ-base team to accelerate data innovation in the hardware and tooling industry. This extended partnership has the potential of providing revolutionary results in the UK and other countries. I look forward to what we can achieve.”

Ron van den Bosch, Director (EZ-base B.V.)

"We realise that this is an important step for EZ-base in the further development of digital channels and information provision in the hardware and tools industry in the UK and other countries. I look forward to a constructive and successful relationship in the years to come."


Image Caption: Paul Kilbride (CEO Troy UK) and Ron van den Bosch (Director EZ-base)