Expert Drupal agency helps the public sector adopt LocalGov Drupal, save costs and increase efficiencies


Code Enigma uses their Drupal hosting experience to help Croydon Council switch to LGD

In 2021, Croydon London Borough Council’s main public website was redeveloped using LocalGovDrupal; a distribution and install profile built to help UK councils publish public facing websites quicker, cheaper and better. Code Enigma supported the migration from Drupal 7, ensuring that there were as few wasted resources as possible during the transition.

For the detailed version of this case study, see the Code Enigma website.

This project involved detangling infrastructure left behind from a previous supplier. Code Enigma stepped in, inherited that infrastructure and created some new efficiencies.

For added pressure, Croydon faced this project on a tight budget; a familiar constraint for local governments.

Before Code Enigma, Croydon had a mix of traditional deployment methods spread across several different types of infrastructure. The Drupal agency helped to consolidate the infrastructure and assist a move to a more agile deployment workflow.

Code Enigma further helped by enabling Croydon to refactor a lot of their infrastructure and cut costs. With regard to superfluous technology, CE shrunk or removed it, retired unnecessary development environments, and downsized production environments.

Notable efficiencies came from shutting down unnecessary resources. This is a testament to the fact that Code Enigma always uses the best technology for the job.

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