Engineius launches driver feedback texts to give “360-degree” feedback to customers


Vehicle movement specialist Engineius has received over 1,000 responses from drivers in just over 3 weeks since launching its new feedback texts.

The purpose of the feedback is to allow Engineius to make clear recommendations to its clients on how to improve their logistics operation, based on hard data.

This follows the launch of a similar initiative on the customer-side in April, where end-users who handover the vehicle at collection and delivery are asked about their experience. The combination of the two allows Engineius to provide “360-degree” feedback to its key clients.

Drivers are automatically sent a text on completion of each movement, asking what went well and what could have been improved, as well as rating their overall experience. Free text fields and the ability to upload media into the surveys allows for drivers to add colour to their responses.

Commercial Director of Engineius, Calum Slowther, is keen to stress the practical purpose behind the surveys:

“The key reason for doing this is to change vehicle movement for the better. Anecdotes are good, but data is much harder to ignore.

“Whilst the feedback in itself is very useful, it becomes very powerful when combined with other datasets. We have a lot of data as a company and use this to bring about practical change with our customers and suppliers.”

The data collected is shared with customers in weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews. Further, clients receive a weblink to view the actual feedback responses received from their end users and suppliers in real-time.

Practical changes that have already resulted from the sharing of such datasets include customers changing the operational model with storage and refurbishment providers so that vehicles are more consistently ready for dispatch.

Slowther concludes:

“This is a great case study in the power of technology and data. We feel vehicle logistics has lacked focus on these areas in the past and we are really pleased to be bringing practical, real-world benefits to our customers as a result of doing so.”