Drupal specialist proves to be one of the most security-conscious agencies in the market


Code Enigma passes penetration testing with flying colours

Code Enigma believes that as open-source advocates and Drupal champions, they must demonstrate the efforts that go into keeping the technologies they design and use safe.

The agency does not compromise when it comes to the security of their services, and thus decided to obtain a formal accreditation to confirm that their system landscapes meet the highest standards.

Pentesting is intense, but what Code Enigma went through was meticulous. Both the procedure itself and the results were severely and consistently scrutinised by DOQEX.

Throughout this engagement, the testers' overall impression of the Code Enigma environment was that it is well-managed and safe, with a strong focus on best practises

With an estate the size of which Code Enigma maintains, DOQEX stated that finding only a small number of issues was a truly amazing thing. It's astonishing how seriously every single person at the agency takes security.

To learn more about Code Enigma’s Drupal work, visit their website.

Code Enigma is an award-winning Drupal specialist web agency that designs, builds, hosts, supports and maintains Drupal websites and web applications.