Data analytics start-up brings a fresh perspective to employee wellbeing


  • Analytics growth partner leads with social value and employee initiatives

  • Tech sector sees high levels of employee burnout from chronic workplace stress

  • Launch of Code Academy to support disadvantaged children in Manchester

North West based data analytics specialist, Anumana, is addressing the industry-wide issue of employee burnout. The tech start-up is leading by example, providing employee benefits that surpass its competitors, which champion a modern approach to work/life balance, health and nutrition, as well as implementing a leading social impact campaign that supports disadvantaged children in Manchester.

This approach to wellbeing comes at a time when 42% of tech employees face a high risk of ‘burnout', a phenomena which the WHO explains as the result of "chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed." According to a 2022 report ‘The state of burnout in tech', 62% of tech workers feel physically and emotionally drained, while 51% feel they are achieving less than they should.

Anumana is an analytics growth partner that helps business leaders increase their company valuation through the implementation of data and analytics. Launched in 2021 by CEO Hemant Patel, Anumana harnesses the skills and expertise of its workforce to deliver lasting positive change for its clients, staff and society. Since Patel started the business full time in 2021, Anumana has seen high levels of growth, with a projected turnover for £600k in 2023. But unlike other business leaders, Patel places financial success as a secondary priority to employee wellbeing.

Patel said:

"While financial targets are important to keep the lights on, first and foremost I wanted to create a brand with an ethos and culture that looks after its staff. As a father of two young children, the importance of work/life balance, personal health and wellbeing was extremely important to me from the get-go."

Employee benefits for staff at Anumana include fully flexible hours with the ability to work at any time, from any location, an unlimited holiday allowance, personal nutrition support, an annual bonus scheme and tailored career development campaigns, amongst others.

Patel believes firmly that the value of his business is determined by the wellbeing of his staff, stating:

"Project mandated long hours that compromise physical exercise and time with family and friends ultimately reflects negatively in the work that we deliver. By ensuring my staff are at the top of their game, I can guarantee the highest standard of work to our clients."

Patel's approach is evidenced through the calibre of clients that the analytics consultancy has worked with, ranging from Freemans, Perch Group, the Cotswold Company, to Arrow Global and LSE Retail Group. This success comes at a time that supplier ESG credentials are becoming an area of increased focus in the procurement process.

Anumana's approach to social value doesn't stop at employee benefits. The company has also launched its own Anumana Code Academy (ACA) to support disadvantaged children in the Manchester area. ACA facilitates positive social change by providing education on coding to children aged 14-16, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Anumana currently employs five members of staff, with plans to build its team organically as the business grows throughout 2023.