Launch of Vino Zero increases offer of premium no-alcohol wines available in the South West


With the increasing popularity of no-alcohol wines, Vino Zero has just launched. Initially focusing on the South West, Vino Zero has been established to offer the hospitality industry, specialist retailers and consumers direct premium dealcoholised wines which truly represent the best of those available.

The launch event, which took place at The Pig near Bath on Friday, was attended by key hospitality leaders from the region alongside Vino Zero’s founders Alexander Viol and Fiona Graham.  Alexander runs a similar successful business in Canada catering for the alcohol-free market and is in the final stages of completing the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) diploma.  Fiona is the daughter of Neil Graham, founder of Devonia water, and is heavily involved in the family's still and sparkling water business.

With one in three customers now looking for a non-alcoholic option, Vino Zero’s mission is to build meaningful relationships with its sales partners to support them in expanding their choices and sales in premium no & low alcohol.  Whilst it is a booming and exciting market category, which is constantly evolving and changing, the wine aspect of things has been behind the curve.  Vino Zero aims to address this lag as suppliers and winemakers begin to truly invest in these wines.  The basis for every good wine is excellent grapes, no & low wine is no different.

Commenting on its launch, co-founder Fiona Graham says:

"Vino Zero was founded on a simple belief that everybody deserves quality and inclusion.  When I personally decided to stop drinking a couple of years ago it was apparent that there was not a huge amount of choice in the no & low wine space, which limited options and choice.  Alex and I believe that when it comes to alcohol, it should not act as a barrier to the ritual of eating and drinking.  Vino Zero is here to demonstrate to the hospitality industry and beyond that an alcohol-free choice is one which can equally serve up quality, taste and experience."

The inaugural wine in the Vino Zero portfolio is DIVIN. Showcasing a selection of styles from this highly regarded producer of innovative alcohol-free wines, the DIVIN wines on offer through Vino Zero include a Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling, Vigneron Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Chenin Blanc.  Produced in the Loire, the taste of the wines is absolutely key to the brand.  From grape growing through to fermentation and the extraction of the alcohol at low temperatures in specially tailored tanks, the process is focused on preserving the aromas and flavours of the various grape varieties.

Fellow co-founder Alexander Viol comments:

"We would love to see every list include a non-alcoholic wine section where taste and quality is not sacrificed, offering something for every palate and every occasion.  We are committed to bringing only the very best that the no & low wine market has to offer to our customers and will guide the hospitality industry in this direction."

Further wines as well as no & low spirits will be added in due course to the Vino Zero portfolio.