Surviving Covid: A Staffordshire firm’s first year success story


Outdoor building firm triples workforce and reveals forest classrooms as new areas of business growth to celebrate first anniversary.

Just one year ago two friends took the brave leap to launch their own business – creating handmade bespoke outdoor buildings.

But Adam Timmis, of Rugeley, and Sally Ann Smith, of Tutbury, could never have predicted the major obstacles that lay ahead for their new venture.

While all new start-ups expect to face a few challenges during their first year of trading, the duo has not only had to navigate a global pandemic but also worldwide timber supply shortages.

Yet, despite all the odds, Roundpeg Outdoor Buildings has not only survived to celebrate its first year anniversary, but has thrived enough to expand its operations by tripling its workforce.

In another impressive highlight, in November it was also shortlisted in the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce’s Business Awards in the category of Most Promising Start-Up in the county.

New business growth trends  

The pandemic has certainly seen Roundpeg kept busy with a steady ongoing demand for outdoor buildings for a host of uses, including home offices, self-employed ventures like salons, gyms and bars for customers across the West Midlands, including in Rugeley, Birmingham, Burton, Uttoxeter.

And while this trend is showing no signs of letting up, new areas of growth are now also emerging.

They include a flurry of new orders to build bespoke outdoor forest classrooms at Staffordshire and Derbyshire primary schools as they too look to further adapt how they educate youngsters.

Mother-of-two Sally said:

“We’re delighted to be celebrating being one-year-old, in fact just to still be going during these challenging times, especially as a new business, feels like even more of an achievement than normal.

“We’ve certainly faced a few obstacles to success in our first year that we never expected on top of the normal challenges of running a new business.

“But even though we’ve been hampered by timber shortages since the beginning, we’ve been lucky to be able to continue working throughout the pandemic.

“We’ve been able to fulfil the steady stream of orders coming in by adapting to how we work, such as making sure customers remain inside their homes whilst we’re on-site installing buildings.

“Despite all the challenges we’re proud to have been able to expand by taking on two full time staff members, including a 19-year-old who had just finished college, who we are now training up, as well as two part time sub-contractors.”

Continuing to adapt to Covid

Looking ahead the friends know that continuing to adapt to Covid will be key to its ongoing success.

In light of the continued timber shortage, which is seeing prices continue to rise globally, the pair are exploring different materials which they can use for cladding their outdoor buildings to enable them to continue to meet the ongoing demand.

The two new full-time staff members are Kyah Hudson, 19, of Cannock, and Dave Pettitt, of Rugeley.

Roundpeg Outdoor Buildings’ manufacturing base is in Fauld. It offers high-quality, as well as eco-friendly, bespoke garden rooms, as well as standard sized timber outbuildings and sheds too.

For more visit, email, find them on Facebook and Instagram @roundpegoutdoorbuildings or call 07377 633735.