Preston Business Launches Earthwork Support Service for Small & Medium-Sized Construction Projects


Forward-thinking Preston-based sheet piling contractor, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, has launched a new division, Excavation Support Solutions, to enhance the operational efficiencies, project delivery and health and safety compliance, of small and medium-sized earthwork support projects.

Excavation Support Solutions (ESS) is a stand-alone trading division of Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, wholly focused on providing a one-stop solution for contractors requiring temporary earthworks.

The division is based at SPUK’s offices in Grimsargh but offers excavation support to projects right across the UK.

SPUK has launched ESS having identified a gap in the market. Currently, smaller and medium-sized contractors have to hire sheet piles, and sheet piling installation equipment, for the earthworks required before any form of building or infrastructure can be erected. They then have to either try to handle sheet pile installation themselves – to keep soil, water or other structures from collapsing into the earthworks - or use the services of a smaller installer.

With health and safety laws being so stringent and punitive, trying to tackle a specialist’s role is a big risk to take on board. Failing to ensure complete health and safety compliance can see a smaller or medium-sized contractor falling foul of regulations.

There are also other drawbacks and frustrations, when different contractors have to try to work together on-site. Projects can be delayed and run over budget, as the sheet piling stage of construction is absorbed, whilst any accidents to construction workers could lead to further delays, inspections and investigations.

By turning to ESS, a contractor can overcome the drawbacks and frustrations associated with the hiring of excavation support equipment. Rather than having to source separate packages for design works, material and equipment hire, and then undertake site work themselves, using operatives unfamiliar with latest best practice techniques, contractors can now access a turnkey solution from ESS. This encompasses design, project management, pre-construction installation and extraction of light to heavy-duty piles and associated bracing works.

With all operations handled from under one roof, construction and communication issues at the logistical on-site interface are reduced, enabling projects to run more smoothly and with more likelihood of being delivered on time and to budget.

Well-installed temporary works structures and excavation supports make it safer for site workers to safely enter and exit the excavation. Another benefit is that of not having to incur the cost of writing-off hired materials on completion.

“We deliver services in one attractive, easy-to-access package, providing clients with unique, hassle-free, timely and safe solutions, no matter what their excavation support needs,”

says Richard Pattison, now at the helm at ESS.

SPUK’s managing director, Andrew Cotton, adds:

“SPUK has been associated with larger sheet piling projects for more than two decades and is now channelling its expertise to bring its same core values and ways of working to small and medium-sized projects. We have identified a gap in the market, which ESS can fill, and believe we have an irresistible proposition for SME contractors.”

More information is available by calling Richard Pattison on 07734 029683 or emailing Details are also available at