MTX appoints Tamara Karim as new Social Value Manager


Tamara Karim has been appointed as the new Social Value Manager at Wilmslow-based MTX Contracts Ltd, a leader in constructing state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

Tamara's role will be pivotal in crafting and executing a social value strategy aimed at positioning MTX as a frontrunner in social value and sustainability, aiming to enhance the well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities. For MTX, this means more than just building healthcare facilities; it’s about creating meaningful employment opportunities, supporting local businesses, promoting education and skills development, and fostering a healthier environment.

Tamara is enthusiastic about MTX's potential to make a significant impact.

"MTX already stands out with its exemplary work for the NHS and health trusts across the UK,"

she says.

"Over the past 40 years, MTX has delivered over 300 operating theatres and 2,500 compliant bed spaces, providing essential specialist facilities and ward accommodations."

She highlights the immediate benefits of MTX's approach:

"By delivering these facilities faster and more cost-effectively, patients receive care sooner, bed spaces are freed up, and patient recovery is enhanced. This also means health trusts see an earlier return on their investment, easing financial pressures."

MTX's commitment to modern construction methods is key to its sustainable practices.

"We've reduced waste by up to 60% and cut time on-site by up to 50%,"

Tamara explains.

"Beyond our high standards in build quality, MTX consistently supports health trusts and their communities."

Tamara is set to implement systems that will better recognise and evaluate MTX's social value activities. This includes launching initiatives like supporting schools and engaging with local communities. A recent fundraising event in aid of men’s health charity ‘Ball Tampering Allowed’, raised over £57,000 to support individuals in the North West affected by cancer, with more initiatives on the horizon.

"The potential is immense,"

Tamara adds.

"Through our engagement with diverse communities, we aim to enhance lives, particularly for young people, by fostering their aspirations and providing opportunities to learn about businesses like MTX."

Hailing from north Manchester, Tamara holds a BSc in Architectural Design and Technology and an MSc in BIM and Integrated Design from the University of Salford. Her career in the construction industry eventually led her to specialise in social value, where she supported the high-profile refurbishment of Manchester Town Hall and worked with the University of Salford, Salford City Council, and Urban Vision to evaluate and report on social value policies.

MTX Managing Director David Hartley commented on Tamara’s appointment:

“With Tamara at the helm of MTX's social value strategy, we are well positioned to elevate our impact; driving positive change and sustainable growth across the UK.”