Manchester Estate Agent, Indlu, Launches New Lettings Service


When the ban on tenant fees was proposed, opinions were divided on what it would mean in practice. Some predicted that it would lead to a rise in rents, while others felt it would encourage landlords to shop around for agents who offered the best overall value. Value is core to Indlu’s service.

Packages to suit all landlords - at highly competitive rates

Indlu Lettings is well aware that different landlords have different needs and so has created a range of services to accommodate this. Regardless of which package a landlord chooses, they can be assured of the highest levels of customer service (for both them and their tenants) provided at very competitive prices.

Fully-managed rentals for landlords who want peace of mind at a fair price

The majority of landlords opt for Indlu’s “Fully Managed” service, which is exactly what it says. Indlu takes care of everything from marketing the property, to referencing, to safety and maintenance to end-of-tenancy check-out. The fee for this service is just £432, including VAT plus 10% (plus VAT) of monthly rental income.

The landlord only pays the lump sum when the property is let. There is no upfront fee and so in the highly unlikely event that Indlu is unable to find suitable tenants, there is no charge to the landlord.

Property marketing for “hands-on” landlords

Indlu’s “Tenant Find” service is the ideal option for landlords who are happy to handle day-to-day property management themselves, but who do not necessarily feel comfortable finding and referencing suitable tenants. This may be because marketing is not their strong point.

There is an art and science to it and knowing the fundamentals of how it works can vastly increase the speed and ease with which suitable tenants are found - thereby vastly reducing the possibility of extended void periods, which can really eat into a landlord’s returns. In addition to marketing the property, Indlu will take care of all the legalities associated with setting up a tenancy.

In particular, they are scrupulous about undertaking tenant referencing in full compliance with the law. In other words, they understand how to perform “Right to Rent” checks in a non-discriminatory manner. They also hold security deposits appropriately. Indlu are letting agents that can provide this full service for just £576 including VAT and, again, the landlord only pays when a suitable tenant is found.

Property marketing and tenant management for landlords who manage their own maintenance

Indlu’s “Rent Collection” service actually offers a whole lot more than the name alone suggests. Basically it is everything offered in the fully-managed service, with the exception of maintenance and related activities such as inventory, property checks and end-of-tenancy check-out.

This could be a suitable option for landlords who lack the time, expertise and/or inclination to handle the main workload of property marketing and management, but who are confident handling occasional maintenance and overseeing the departure of tenants when they are ready to move on. This service is offered at just £432 including VAT plus 8% (plus VAT) of the monthly rent.