Homes Being Prepared For Sales Boom


The days following Boxing Day saw a huge increase in the number of people browsing online for a new home with estate agents in North Somerset predicting a New Year house sales boom.

Visitors to online sites, such as Rightmove, soared as people took advantage of downtime to make plans for the future and Andrew Simmonds, director of Parker’s Estate Agents in Backwell, North Somerset says January is looking like a busy time.

He said:

“Some people got ahead of the game by instructing agents before the break and with the level of online activity reported they are set to benefit with quick sales. That will mean a strong number of people in North Somerset and Bristol who can proceed quickly as they already have offers on the homes they need to sell.

“All this means that by Twelfth Night when the Christmas decorations come down we anticipate a very busy time.”

Mr Simmonds says that people looking to move in the first half of 2022 should take advantage of the packing away of Christmas decorations to prepare their homes for photography.

He said:

“Most enquiries now start with online browsing and it is the photographs that make the difference to whether people scroll on or want to look at a property.

“We invest in professional photography for sellers but photographers can only do the best with what they are presented with. Clearing away clutter and making your home look spacious and attractive is the first step to moving home.

“So we are asking those looking to sell to use the opportunity of clearing away the Christmas decorations to get their home picture ready. Clear clutter, plump up the cushions, get the bathrooms and kitchens clean and tidy and photographs can be taken ready to market the property when you are ready.”

Parker’s Estate Agents recorded low availability of properties for sale in the run-up to Christmas but expect a rush to market in the first two months of 2022.