Chamber Supports Calls for Crossrail 2


Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce today responded positively to London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s backing for Crossrail North by supporting calls for Crossrail 2 classing it as an infrastructure scheme of critical national importance.

Greater Manchester Chamber has been a firm supporter of infrastructure investment where it is needed and sees both schemes as being of equal necessity for the future growth and success of the whole UK economy.

Chris Fletcher, Marketing and Campaigns Director at Greater Manchester Chamber, said:

“As many people still seem intent on looking at this as a parochial north vs south issue both ourselves and our colleagues in London see this rightly in terms of identifying what the UK actually needs as a whole both now and in the future.

“Investment has centred on the capital – it is the economic engine of the UK – but what we need now is recognition that other areas have a part in supporting that which is why we are calling for Crossrail North and Crossrail 2 to get the go ahead and why the support from London Chamber is a welcome and important voice in this debate.

“The tactics and strategy of calling for more investment is correct and too often in the UK the momentum required to maximise investment has stalled."

“Now is exactly the right time to call for Crossrail 2 not wait until Crossrail has opened and reaches capacity.

“Coming off the back of Crossrail and the start of HS2 the UK is poised to get its rail infrastructure fit for purpose. These schemes and others will form the basis of the UK’s network for years to come and many want to hear, with guarantees, from government, that these schemes will be proceeding - not left in doubt and hoping that these projects may one day be considered and certainly not one taking precedence above others.”