West Midlands Recruitment Firm Begins Rsearch For Annual Employment Survey


Birmingham based recruitment firm, Katie Bard, have launched its recent Group Employment Survey for The Angela Mortimer Group.

Now in its 16th year, the Employment Survey is used to form the Angela Mortimer Group’s ‘Blue Book’ and takes into consideration the views and opinions of thousands of employers and employees within various roles and sectors across the UK, Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai.

Used to provide a comprehensive overview of the recruitment sector, the ‘Blue Book’ is renowned for offering valuable insight into what both business owners and candidates perceive as the greatest challenges in recruitment, whilst touching on the impact of the political landscape, such as economical changes driven by Brexit.

Verity Stokes, Director of Katie Bard, explained:

“The blue book has become a real Bible for those wanting grassroots insight into the current employment market, through comprehensive questions that gain valuable insight into both the current-climate and long-term trends. Ultimately, the recruitment industry can be a barometer for economic change and this in-depth study allows us to look at the current state of the sector, whilst providing the opportunity to plan for the year ahead.”

The comprehensive Blue Book reports on everything from salaries and benefits to desirable working environments, whilst comparing attitudes between employers and employees on both a regional and sector basis across the world.

Originally launched in 2004, the Blue Book is created through the 19 companies under the Angela Mortimer Group umbrella, which operates across ten regions in the UK, Europe, the USA, South America and Asia and two partner consultancies in Australia and Dubai.

The data encapsulates an overview from various geographical locations, together with valuable insights into regional market conditions, as well as commentary and analysis from specialist recruitment areas that we supply”,

continued Stokes.
“Analysis is brought together by those in the field and this means the interpretation of the data is grounded in fact and experience. As a result, the Blue Book can help businesses build a realistic overview of what to expect as they recruit and look to retain staff in 2020 and beyond.”

Part of the internationally positioned Angela Mortimer PLC, Katie Bard is a UK leading recruitment agency for support staff, boasting a successful employment rate of placing 2,500 candidates annually in permanent role throughout various sectors.

The Angela Mortimer Group Employment Survey opened at the beginning of December, with all interested parties required to complete surveys by the end of January.

For more information, please visit: https://www.katiebard.com/