Soaraway Summer for The Little Jet Company


A Gloucestershire based executive jet company has enjoyed a bumper summer season.

It has been the busiest summer on record for The Little Jet Company who are based at Gloucestershire Airport. Demand has been high since June.

Passengers, many of them families, have travelled to destinations including Spain, Portugal, and France. Italy has been particularly popular.

The passengers have been able to choose who they travel with on board and also enjoy the convenience and privacy of flying on a private jet.

The Little Jet Company has also introduced new safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of passengers and crew. They include premium facemasks provided by Ultrafilter Medical Ltd.

The crew take their temperature every day, hand sanitiser is available on board, and passengers are asked to fill in a COVID-19 questionnaire.

The aircraft are professionally cleaned after every trip.

‘Passengers can fly with their own social bubble and choose who they sit next to,’

said Barry Preece, Director of The Little Jet Company.

‘We have had a very busy summer season.

‘Our clients expect the best and that’s what we aim to deliver. We have high standards.’

The Little Jet Company flies to European destinations and has access to a global jet fleet.