Prize Content’s Innovative Content Marketing Strategy Helps Tech Companies Find Their Voice


Newly launched marketing agency helps tech SMEs develop their brand with quality content.

Prize Content has opened for business with an innovative marketing service that helps growing tech companies build their audience and generate leads through engaging online content.

Prize Content has offices in both Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne, and is staffed with skilled marketeers who have more than 25 years of experience in both the advertising and software development industry.

Prize Content delivers bespoke content strategies backed by expert professional services such as content writing, graphic design, and digital services. Using a proprietary CMS platform, the agency integrates with companies’ comms channels to make commissioning and publishing content across multiple channels seamless.

Ben Tyrer, Head of Communications at Prize Content, said:

‘We started Prize Content because we recognised that content marketing is the best way to attract customers to your business, but most smaller companies find it difficult to prioritise content creation above other business objectives.’

‘There are many amazing stories to be told within the technology sector, and many incredible products that have yet to fully connect with their target audience. We’re looking forward to making sure these stories are heard.’

Prize Content also offers branding and website design services that deliver businesses a consistent, quality presence that establishes their authority within their field.

Danny Kershaw, Account Manager at Prize Content, said:

‘Many smaller business owners understand the importance of expressing their value through content, but either don’t have time or don’t know where to start. We can support those businesses by taking the pain out of that process, allowing them to focus on what they’re good at: building amazing products.’

Companies interested in learning more can visit or reach out via or 020 3920 6347