People Puzzles offers advice to businesses affected by coronavirus


The current coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is causing a great deal of uncertainty and change over a short space of time. Government advice is changing rapidly and businesses are trying to keep pace with the latest updates.

Staff and bosses are understandably feeling anxious – not just about the health of them and their colleagues, but also the effect the outbreak will have on how they’ll work, where they’ll work and how long this will all go on for.

People Puzzles’ team of more than 50 highly experienced Portfolio People Directors is based across the length and breadth of the country. We see the pressure that smaller businesses are currently faced with on a daily basis and are reaching out to BBP media subscribers to offer help in a variety of different ways:

Business Continuity People Planning Diagnostic

For those who need immediate, hands-on support, People Puzzles is offering a one day diagnostic of your business, resulting in a practical action plan designed to help businesses around (a) managing operations in the short term, (b) supporting your team with home working and (c) strategic and big picture business planning to help them through the next few months.

Coronavirus in the Workplace: Top 10 Tips & Staffing Options toolkit

Our Portfolio People Directors have pooled knowledge to compile a list of top ten tips for businesses currently dealing with the ramifications of the outbreak.

The list includes advice on how to prepare your business for home working, absenteeism and revenue reduction. It also suggests ways to consult with your employees and show them that you care, as well as more practical guidance around creating a business continuity plan, reviewing contracts and supply chains and promoting hygiene habits in the workplace.

We’ve also developed a staffing options toolkit with ideas for staying business savvy at this difficult time.

Free FAQ download

Finally, the team has also put together a Coronavirus FAQ sheet available from the People Puzzles website. This free-to-download printable PDF answers more specific questions such as how to deal with self-isolating employees; rules around paying staff who have to self-isolate; dealing with employees who travel, and what to do if one of an employee comes down with the virus.

‘It is such a difficult time at the moment, but we know that a planned response can make things much easier,’ says People Puzzles’ founder, Ally Maughan. ‘Our People Directors have poured a lot of knowledge and best practice into our toolkits, and are absolutely committed to delivering value, and a real focus on helping your business survive this epidemic.’

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