Manchester-based customer services group alldayPA increases revenue to £28M…


and looks to hire 300 people in less than a year

Leading UK “on-demand customer services” group alldayPA has seen rapid growth since the start of the COVID-19 crisis by more than doubling their revenue from £13 million in 2020 to £28 million in 2021. They aim to also hire 300 new members of staff in the next six months due to the demand in their services.

alldayPA handles phone calls for more than 24,000 businesses across the UK, ranging from small businesses to lawyers, accountants, professional services firms, doctors and a growing number of e-commerce companies. They answer calls and emails 24/7 and offer a range of services including dedicated customer service lines, appointment booking, online order verification and diary management. They also provide bespoke solutions, such as emergency call-out lines. Whatever the solution a business needs to help them manage their customer interactions, alldayPA can help with a range of bespoke packages designed with their clients in mind.

However, like many businesses across the country, alldayPA has had to adapt to the changing needs of their clients. As such, they’ve expanded their customer service offering by introducing web chat, email and social media query management, as these social and online services have supported multiple SMEs during these uncertain times. Along with implementing other services into their packages, alldayPA have also allowed customers to sign up on an ad hoc pay as you go basis rather than signing a long term business contract, enabling flexibility to pay in accordance with their budgets and altered business needs.

Experts at alldayPA have also reported that their on-demand service offering has gained significant popularity during the pandemic, by helping businesses whilst their employees were supported by a furlough scheme. That said, they have seen a record number of incoming customer calls during 2021. Their recent telephone stats show that the May Bank Holiday was one of their busiest periods of the year - the day after May bank holiday saw a record of 48,000 calls handled in a day.

“May Bank Holiday was the busiest day we've had in 5 years. Our PAs have been handling, at times, 1,000 calls every 15 minutes! Similarly the callers are varied and we've noticed a mix of consumers and business customers. This has obviously been a really busy period for us, and we see it as a very good sign for the UK economy.”

“One big shift in the pattern of calls is that there's no longer a spike at 9AM in the morning or 6PM at night, weekends have become busier and weekdays have become more quiet. It seems that people don't consider week days as work days necessarily anymore. There's been an obvious change in the behaviour of both businesses and consumers. The pandemic has altered your typical 9-5 day and a 5 day working week.”

alldayPA founder Reuben Singh comments on how the company has evolved during the pandemic and why alldayPA is passionate about helping SMEs across the country:

"The pandemic has accelerated changes that were already happening. The digital world has transformed customer expectations. Customers want 24/7 service and businesses need to be accessible and responsive to compete. Small businesses don't have and can't afford the infrastructure of the big players so the likes of Amazon and Deliveroo make the life easier for small businesses. And so does alldayPA. We provide a 'pay as you go service', meaning SMEs can offer exceptional levels of customer service, 24/7, and because alldayPA has thousands of customers, the cost of the technology and infrastructure is free, so it dramatically reduces costs. Therefore, SMEs can focus on what they do best, providing products and services and growing their business.... The last year has seen record numbers of new businesses created. It's an exciting time to be an entrepreneur, but you have to focus on your core business and your customers. We're not just a contact centre, we provide the back office support to move your business along - if you're selling online via platforms like Shopify - that's where we come in, we're a flexible support service at a time when businesses need it most..."