Lorri Lowe becomes Partner with Friisberg & Partners International


The global Executive Search firm Friisberg & Partners International is delighted to announce that Lorri Lowe is now a Partner.

Lorri's work ethic, eye for detail and lightning responsiveness have earned her a reputation amongst her clients, and within Friisberg, as the consummate search professional who can be entrusted to advise and support on the most senior and the most sensitive executive appointments.

Lorri’s clients include all manner of UK businesses, but she also works extensively and increasingly for international corporates with cross-border interests.

On Brexit she observes;

“For both UK companies with existing or new markets abroad and for overseas businesses in or coming to the UK, it will be more important than ever to ensure local management teams are strong. That is not just true for EU trade but for all trade everywhere. Friisberg can service cross-border search brilliantly, precisely because we have a presence in both a client’s home country and in their other international markets too. Insights into how business is done and where to find the best executives in a globalised economy is increasingly important and why our clients come to us.”

It has been Lorri’s strength in international search, and the excellent relationships she has forged with the many Friisberg Partners around the world, upon which she will be building her UK practice yet further.

In addition to her Birmingham base, Friisberg will be backing her recent successes in Scotland with a new office in Edinburgh in the very near future.

Andrew Guy, Partner with Friisberg in the UK since 2010, commented;

“This is a major step forward for Friisberg in the UK. Lorri already has an impressive client list here and we are delighted she has positioned us so well with international clients too. Lorri’s Partnership can only be good for her clients and good for Friisberg. It is also worth noting that Friisberg is very proud to be gender balanced in its ownership and staffing. Lorri’s partnership exemplifies and reinforces that performance is the only consideration in our business, as it should be for all businesses everywhere.”