How to price your platypus - simple ways to increase your price


David Abbott - international speaker, and part-time marketing director with The Marketing Centre will be covering the area of "Is The Price Right" - helping the audience to discover simple ways to improve their pricing.

The presentation is designed to help those who have developed a new product or service, are under pricing pressure, or are struggling with knowing what to charge. It will help them to get to grips with the science and psychology of pricing. Attendees will gain an understanding of customer psychology which will help them to get a higher price for their product or service. Tips provided will include:

£. How customers make decisions about pricing

£. One simple thing that will increase your average order value

£. How to differentiate your business from your competition, so your customers no longer compare prices

£. An easy change to your price that costs nothing and improves your negotiating position

£. Why you might want to call your product The Super 2400

£. How a zero can boost your sales

Date: 30 January, 2019

Time: 8-10am

Location: Alderley Park, Macclesfield



About The Marketing Centre (

The Marketing Centre is a team of 80+ nationwide board-level marketing professionals who work for businesses on a part-time basis. The company is rapidly expanding in the North West.

The part-time concept is driven by the frustration felt by business owners at the lack of appropriate options for accessing marketing skills.

The Marketing Centre serves the small and mid-size business owner by providing a whole new means of acquiring marketing expertise into a business – an experienced professional plugged-into a company on a long-term, part-time basis from a team of proven marketing directors.

About David Abbott

After studying Engineering Science and Economics at Oxford, David worked in marketing and business management. He ran a £56m mail order company where pricing was crucial. He has also held senior marketing roles in a wide variety of industries. He applies psychology research into consumer behaviour to business and marketing, and illustrates everything with real examples of marketing in action.