Disposable face masks prompt call for sustainable alternatives


According to a study by University of Southern Denmark researchers, 129 billion disposable face masks are thrown into landfills every month around the globe, creating a serious negative environmental impact. Cheshire-based Meryl Medical, a hi-tech, innovative, textile manufacturer, has developed a completely sustainable option to the disposable mask.

Kevin Simpson, Co-founder and Director of Meryl Medical says,

“The fight against plastic pollution has been an uphill struggle for many years, and as the use of disposable masks and other protective equipment soars, we are faced with even more challenges. Disposable masks are plastic products that cannot be readily biodegraded but may fragment into smaller plastic particles, namely micro and nanoplastics that widespread in ecosystems.”

Kevin explains that Meryl Medical’s masks are completely sustainable, meaning that they are 100% recyclable. He says,

“There are many masks in the marketplace, and most of them are not fully recyclable. Our masks are made with textiles that can be completely reused, focusing on environmental impact, quality and protection built around a sustainable circular economy.”

Recently, Swansea University scientists have uncovered potentially dangerous chemical pollutants that are released from disposable face masks and their research reveals high levels of pollutants, including lead, antimony, and copper, within plastic fibres of common disposable face masks.

With this in mind, Meryl Medical have designed a comfortable two-layer BFE 95 mask without chemical finishes, and is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The masks are tested and certified according to Oeko-Tex® 100 standards and certified by the Leitat Technological Center.

Ingo Mangold, Meryl Medical’s German Textile Design Engineer said,

“All Meryl Medical masks are made with HeiQ Viroblock Permanent antimicrobial technology, which completely inhibits the proliferation of microbes and germs in the fabric. The active ingredient is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA 85249-1) and by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).”

Meryl Medical face masks are odourless, fresh and lightweight. The masks reduce the risk of contagion through the air by not releasing microfibers carrying viruses or microbes, and they are washable at 70°C up to 100 times without losing their effectiveness.

For more information about Meryl Medical, please visit: https://merylmedical.com/