Birmingham Training Provider Presents New Identity Adapting To The Disrupting Industry


Midlands-based tailored training provider, RightTrack Learning, has responded to today’s ever-evolving business environment and shown that it is one step ahead of the game by revealing a brilliant brand overhaul.

Having recently celebrated 30 successful years in business, Righttrack Learning has showcased its ongoing commitment to the changing industry and updated its brand identity to reflect the company’s pioneering services. Extending way beyond traditional training services, RightTrack Learning incorporates a portfolio of relevant courses to meet the needs of modern day businesses and their employees.

The company’s refreshing transformation includes a name change from RightTrack Consultancy to RightTrack Learning, an updated website along with a fresh new logo with a contemporary design and a change in colour scheme to reflect their bold energy and innovative approach to training.

Claudia Cooney, RightTrack Lead Director said,

“Since conception, three decades ago, RightTrack Learning has been at the cutting edge of Learning and Development. As the training world evolves, so must we.

“Technology has transformed the way people do business and communicate with each other, This has really impacted on the way we design and deliver soft skills training. There is also an increasing focus on the importance of diversity, inclusion and wellbeing which has changed the way organisations nurture and engage employees. We have responded to demand and created programmes including, Inclusive Leadership, Mindfulness and Unconscious Bias which, in the last 12 months, have seen a huge spike in popularity.”

RightTrack Learning is also very focussed on Telephone and Communication Skills training which has come back into high demand due to millennials being so accustomed to emails and instant messaging. They have also recently launched a new Customer Service programme designed to help businesses re-humanise their approach to service delivery.

RightTrack’s new brand reflects the company ethos, inspiring the people they work with to broaden their outlook.

“As cultures change, we have too. We thought long and hard about where we wanted to go with the brand, working with Big Cat to develop an identity that really represents who we are, the type of training we now deliver and where we are heading as a business,”

said Claudia.

Kasmin Cooney, Founder and Managing Director of RightTrack Learning said,

“Over the last thirty years, I have seen the industry change from an age when learning development was only for those lucky enough to attend courses, or go to university or college to a world where training and development is available almost on tap.”

Through the new look and feel RightTrack Learning have channelled their approach and are asking their clients, customers and employees to continually “refresh your perspective” and welcome the opportunities presented with an open mind.

“Learning and development are a fundamental part of life, both inside and outside of the workplace. We will continue to evolve our business and stay one step ahead of the changing world around us in order to be in the best position to collaborate with our wide variety of clients and colleagues and achieve lasting change.”

Kasmin continued.

Whether you’re starting with a blank sheet of paper, if you already know exactly what it is you’re looking for, or if you’d just like to explore what you can achieve within the parameters of your budget, RightTrack Learning can help, please call +44 (0)121 222 7313 or email: