4and20million to help companies supercharge their recruitment process


4and20million have launched an innovative service to help companies avoid the pitfalls of making bad hiring decisions.

The Manchester-based training and workplace culture specialists will help companies add rigour to their interview process to ensure they identify the best candidate for the role, rather than just the best interview performer.

A staggering 95% of employers admitted to making poor hiring decisions in research commissioned by Glassdoor. They also found the true cost of a bad hire to be up to five times the employee’s annual salary due to the negative impact on team dynamics and productivity.

4and20million co-founder, Dan McNicholas, said

“Job performance is ultimately a combination of technical ability and personality. The traditional CV and interview process gives you a good picture of a person’s technical skills and experience, but how do you know if they’re a great leader? Or how they cope under pressure? Or whether they meet their commitments, inspire others and collaborate well? Essentially, are they the right person for your team? Many companies will recognise that these personal characteristics are a huge factor in performance, but it can be incredibly difficult to evaluate them well in an interview situation.”

4and20million use research-backed psychometrics to compare personal characteristics to job requirements, enabling employers to ask smarter questions and make more informed recruitment decisions. As well as a competency potential report for each candidate, employers receive personalised interview questions to help tease out potential strengths and challenges for each candidate.

“By asking candidates to complete a 20 minute questionnaire as part of the selection process, companies get a hugely rich insight into these otherwise hidden strengths and weaknesses. As well as distinguishing great candidates from great interviewees, this intervention also adds objectivity to the recruitment process - a must for improved decision making and anti-discrimination requirements”,

added McNicholas.

Following recruitment, 4and20million work with companies across the areas of onboarding, training and development, team-building and workplace culture as part of their aim to ‘supercharge personal, team and business performance’.