Office garden rooms – are they set to become the new norm?


Merging nature and the workplace has been hailed in recent years for maximising productivity and boosting workers’ mental health.

So much so, that bringing the outside indoors into large office spaces is a tactic that has been used effectively by huge brands such as Amazon, Microsoft and Timberland.

Now, this alternative way of working has crept out of normal workplace settings and is on the rise after being deployed in gardens around the country too.

Garden rooms are now being increasingly used by remote and flexible workers to slash commuting costs and improve work-life balance by moving workspaces out of domestic environments and into natural outdoor oases instead.

Garden rooms are helping launch self-employed ventures

They’re also proving a huge hit with the self-employed, who are using them to launch independent ventures, ranging from salami-making to glass blowing, have the potential to boost property values, and have also started to feature on property shows like Location, Location, Location.

The current pandemic has also demonstrated how easy it is for employees to work from home, and how quickly it could become an unforeseen necessity in the future for extended periods of time.

In fact, some lockdown surveys are even going so far as to suggest that huge numbers of people are hoping they’ll be able to work from home more in the future.

So, could garden rooms become the new norm? Is it something on your wish list?

If so, Roundpeg Outdoor Buildings, a new local business, could make your dream for a better work-life balance, less travelling time and reduced financial outlay, a reality – and swiftly.

New Roundpeg venture creates bespoke buildings for outdoor offices

It was after 30 years working in the industry, that two friends Adam Timmis and Sallyann Smith, of Tutbury, and made the brave leap to go it alone and set up Roundpeg, an independent manufacturer of garden buildings, with the goal of creating a more bespoke, personal offer.

It’s a perfect working relationship with Sally focused on customer services while Adam is hands-on creating buildings to meet customers’ bespoke requirements.

While the UK went into lockdown just a few weeks after its launch, the firm has still been receiving orders for garden buildings and has been able to fulfil them following social distancing rules.

And it may soon be able to expand. So, why do they think outdoor garden buildings are becoming so popular? And do think their popularity will continue to rise?

Helping redress the work-life balance

Director Adam, aged 36, of Rugeley, who boasts 15 years of experience in his field, said:

“Garden offices have become increasingly more fashionable in recent years as a new, alternative, better way of working, as people try to redress their work-life balance.

“The benefits of getting back to nature have been extensively documented with proximity to natural light, natural views and better air quality all helping improve mental health and well-being as well as productivity.

“Multi-national companies have seen the benefit of creating botanical spaces for employees and it’s perfect for the self-employed to keep costs down and profits up too.

“With a garden room there’s no need to worry about converting a room of your home, or spending hours in traffic or racing to get onto public transport to get to and from jobs.”

The father-of-two, aged 36, added:

“Life is fast-paced and busy. To make the hard work worthwhile I think we all appreciate, now more than ever, the importance of spending quality time with family and friends.

“So, what better than at the end of the working day to just close your garden office behind you and take that short walk into the house to relax with those we care for.”

Garden rooms are more than just offices – some are gyms and bars

In fact, Adam’s wife Donna is just one of the many people to launch a new business, Metamorphosis Nail and Beauty salon, from a garden room after 10 years of working in a salon.

Other customers, from across the West Midlands, including Rugeley, Birmingham, Burton, Uttoxeter, and further afield, have created hobby rooms, bars and gyms in their garden rooms to enjoy more of what they love without leaving their homes.

Fellow director Sallyann revealed that while lockdown had made the launch harder, expansion could be on the cards if business growth continues, including creating new local jobs.

The mother-of-two, who also boasts 15 years’ experience under her belt, said:

“We’re now getting more and more orders and are starting to think about looking for staff.”

Roundpeg Outdoor Buildings’ manufacturing base is in Fauld. It offers high-quality, as well as eco-friendly, bespoke garden rooms, as well as standard sized timber outbuildings and sheds too.

For more visit:, find them on Facebook, Instagram, call 07377 633735 or email