Mainline Launches New Advancement For Glaucoma Tests


Birmingham-based supplier of ophthalmic instruments and accessories, Mainline Instruments, has launched the latest evolution in glaucoma testing equipment. Following the Icare PRO, the Icare ic200 is the newest Icare tonometer available, providing positioning freedom to obtain accurate and rapid Intra-ocular pressure (IOP) measurements from all patients.

Icare tonometers are portable devices used to quickly and easily test for glaucoma in ‘at risk’ patients and requires no anaesthesia, drops, air puffs or other preparation. They are commonly favoured by opticians as an alternative to the traditional ‘puffer test’ which can cause discomfort for patients.

The ic200 is designed for professional use in the surgical operation room and emergency room as well as the clinic. The device is fully portable, requires no anaesthesia and its freedom of positioning allows measuring whether the patient is sitting, standing, half-sitting or in the supine or lateral recumbent position.

Director of Mainline Instruments Ltd, Simon Hawkins explains:

"The ic200’s flexibility provides reliable readings and contains a high-visibility indicator at the probe base confirming the positioning of the tonometer prior to measurement.

“A green light indicates that the machine is aligned correctly and ready to take a measurement and a red light indicates incorrect positioning encouraging the user to adjust accordingly”.

IOP is measured by using a very light probe to make momentary and gentle contact with the patient’s cornea. This makes the Icare ic200 tonomoter suitable for use with all kinds of patients including the very young, the frail and those that may not fully understand what it is happening.

As glaucoma has no early symptoms, it is vital that those at risk have regular eye health checks. It is therefore essential that opticians consider investing in equipment that improves diagnosis and monitoring of the disease and doesn’t discourage those at risk from having regular eye health checks.

To find out more about the iC200 visit or call 0121 458 6800.