School’s Out For Summer! Top Things To Do With The Kids At Afflecks This Summer


School’s out for Summer. Who’s keeping the kids entertained? What will they do for a whole six weeks? Read on for our top picks of fun family activity, which you can find all under one roof, in Manchester’s iconic city centre shopping Emporium, Afflecks.

Visit The Bead Shop and make unique pieces of jewellery

Bring your kids to The Bead Shop so they can build their own beaded bracelets. Browse their huge selection of beads and jewellery supplies and allow their creativity to run wild! Find everything they need to make stunning/cutesy jewellery, from pendants and charms to letter and alphabet beads!

Grab an ice cream at Gingers

This gourmet ice cream parlour is suitable for grown-ups and kids alike. Treat yourself to some creamy, fruity, nutty, chocolatey, méringuey, spicy, refreshing and comforting iced desserts from undoubtedly the best ice cream café in town…Gingers!

Play on some retro arcade games

Retro arcade games are dotted around the four eclectic floors of independent boutiques and businesses. Introduce the kids to some old school classics- Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, Pinball and Asteroids, just to name a few!

Buy bombastic vegan bath bombs from Soapy J Afflecks

Soapy J is home to the ‘Bubble J’ bath bomb- a vegan, sulphate free and cruelty free bath bomb. Get your kids to drop the bath bomb into their evening bubble bath and (spoiler alert!) they’ll eventually find a mini-figure, plectrum or key-ring surprise (making bath time a whole less traumatic). They can choose from a massive range of categories from Harry Potter and Power Rangers to Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Get your ears pierced at Shiva or The Studio Afflecks

The start of the Summer holidays is the best time to get ears pierced because of the six-week healing process for earlobes. Both Shiva and The Studio have been in Afflecks for over 10 years, offering a five-star, professional service in the client’s best interest. Since piercing guns are usually made from plastic, which cannot be sterilised, both studios pierce using a needle, which is a much safer, less painful option. Ring this number for a full price list: 0161 839 0718.

Browse through a wide selection of Marvel, DC and sci-fi comic books at Wow Comix

Whether your kid is a Marvel or DC fan, Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh, Wow Comix has a ton of of memorabilia and merch! Explore Wow Comix’s great selection of super hero and sci-fi comics, graphic novels and books along with posters, mugs, T-shirts, models, collectables and games!

Customise jackets with iron on patches from Extreme Largeness

Extreme Largeness has been trading in Afflecks for nearly 20 years, selling all manner of eclectic bits and bobs, from different types of body jewellery to on trend choker necklaces. Nonetheless, they’re predominantly renowned for their iron and patches, all made in house. Pick and choose which patches are best for you, take them home and find a jacket to upcycle! Here’s a link to a video they’ve made on ‘How to iron on patches’:

Get a henna tattoo from Wax Works

Don’t worry mum or dad - henna tattoos are temporary! Wax Works on the 1st floor of Afflecks creates stunning henna designs using only the finest 100% natural Henna, totally free from chemicals & dyes. The henna can be easily removed by just scrubbing it gently or with a bit of baby oil. Small designs start from as little as £5.

These Afflecks Vouchers

This keeps your options open. Come to Afflecks for a day trip, browsing local and independent businesses spread across Afflecks’s three eclectic and eccentric floors. From artwork to anime merch, vegan glitters to artisan ice cream there’s something for everyone- including your little ones! You can get these from the Afflecks office on the first floor.