Rugged Interactive tackles £1 billion obesity burden with unique exercise equipment


According to momentous new research released last week by Public Health England (PHE), over six million adults in the UK do not manage a brisk 10 minute walk each month.

Unnecessary risk

That means that nearly half of the UK population aged between 40-60 could be putting their lives at risk by not strolling on a regular basis.

Health officials also stated that the severity of the current physical inactivity epidemic amongst adults is putting a £1 billion burden on the NHS and contributing to 1 in 6 deaths across the country.

So is Britain lazy or are we simply too busy to exercise?

Dramatic Lifestyle shift

As these figures suggest and despite what many might think, the obesity epidemic does not largely lie with what or how much we are eating.

Instead, it’s down to a dramatic lifestyle shift with official figures showing that people in the UK are 20% less active now than they were in the 1960s.

Gamification of exercise

But Simon Heap, founder of Fowey-based fitness equipment designer Rugged Interactive, believes there is a game-changing solution - by combining short, sharp exercise activity with motivating technology. He explains:

“The sedentary nature of modern, busy lives means that exercise can often take a backseat, but our equipment, like the CardioWall, uses a strategy called gamification which is really motivating.

“It’s quick and easy to get a good workout which better translates into modern day living. It allows those who usually find incorporating activity into their day challenging to do it without even realising they’re exercising.

“The majority of people are already engaged with technology, and they’re comfortable with it too. Our equipment combines a serious workout with high-intensity gameplay to naturally tap into that psyche.”

An alternative to traditional gym equipment

Rugged Interactive’s colourful, interactive fitness equipment offers a winning alternative to traditional gym equipment by combining exercise and gaming. Heap established the Cornish company to make it easier for everyone to get active and remain healthy.

PHE’s recent study found that short bursts of moderate to vigorous activity taken regularly, by using a CardioWall for example,can lead to a lowered risk of type 2 diabetes (by 40%), cardiovascular disease (by 35%), dementia (by 30%) and some cancers (by 20%).

The Cornish business has recently opened a supporting satellite office in Bristol after doubling in size in the past year alone.