Employers in businesses spared COVID damage should prepare to be affected by Brexit


Businesses spared COVID damage should prepare themselves and their employees to be affected by Brexit says a family-run organisation which helps individuals boost their professional and personal wellbeing (January 2021).


A review revealed the UK is heading for its worst annual decline in GDP due to the pandemic and although a deal to leave the EU has been agreed, A Centre of Light Ltd says uncertainty still looms.


Peter Heath, co-founder of A Centre of Light Ltd, which is based in Bridgwater, Somerset, said:

“There are a small minority of industries out there who have so far survived the pandemic relatively unscathed, however they may still be affected by Brexit, despite a deal having been agreed.

“The deal was hastily secured just before Christmas, but it remains unclear exactly what it entails and sectors such as manufacturing, financial services and agriculture could still face job losses as their output will be hit hardest.

“Employers would do well to prepare themselves and especially their employees for these difficulties as the uncertainty can cause mental health and wellbeing issues with staff. Also, it’s not just the way businesses function that could be affected, individuals will be affected by issues such as the cost of food rising, and this stress can impact their working lives.”


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) says that in the UK more than 11 million working days are lost per year, due to stress.


UK employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work by doing a stress risk assessment and acting on it.

A Centre of Light offers a solution for employers whose staff are experiencing difficulties through its De-stress Energy Programme, which is one of the key services it provides.


Peter added:

“Employers have a greater responsibility to proactively demonstrate mindfulness for their staff’s wellbeing, which exceeds the mandatory tick box. Our De-stress Energy Programme enables us to work with companies, providing programme modules for managers and employees.

“Our Foundation Package focuses on a businesses’ employee’s lives in general. When your staff struggle with significant personal difficulties, it can have adverse impacts on their wellbeing, which has a knock-on effect to their productivity at work.

“The Mentor Package is geared towards Line Managers managing a team, which takes account of the stress and responsibility of the position, including how best to understand their team and provide sensitive support.

“Modules are a mixture of pre-recorded webinars, interactive online workshops, assessment and certificate. These include CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coping techniques with an analytical approach to problem solving, combined with a holistic systemic view – accessing those parts of yourself that are usually difficult to reach.

“Anyone interested can watch our introduction video here for more details https://bit.ly/3odABmO.”


A Centre of Light promotes values that support and encourage specialised education, growth and development, including psychic advice on business matters, careers and relationships.


It believes that it is seeing a rapid change in workplace culture in the aftermath of the lockdown, in favour of a greater emphasis on mental health and emotional wellbeing. This is something employees are requesting, and employers are positively adopting, as a more caring work-life relationship develops.


“We act as a sounding board for people and listen to their concerns, as well as helping them to move forward positively with our expert guidance.

“We can help people achieve resilience, our steps and guideposts can prove invaluable on your journey, giving you direction and purpose whether in your work or personal life, and this is why our company strapline is: Business with a Heart®.”


For further details, please call A Centre of Light on 01278 327851, visit www.acentreoflightuk.com or view its video about the topic here https://bit.ly/3odABmO.