Congleton Based Business Invests In Mental Health First Aid Support For Its Staff


Pan European Network encourages Cheshire business to support National Mental Health campaign

A Congleton-based business is leading the way by supporting the Mental Health First Aid’s #wheresyourheadat campaign which aims for there to be a mental health first aider in every workplace, Pan European Networks now has two qualified mental health first aiders members of staff.

Credit Controller Charlotte Pointon and Head of Operations Stephanie Davies both completed their training earlier this month and the publisher is now introducing a number of new measures for its head office staff. These include having an open door policy for staff to come and talk when needed and the ability to be able to take a walk out of the office when they feel they need to have five minutes.

Pan European Networks has also added its name to the MHFA #wheresyourheadatcampaign which is calling for a change in the law so that mental health first aid at work is seen as just as important as physical first aid.

Stephanie Davies said:

“It’s very easy to put up a front at work and pretend everything is ok when it’s not – I should know because I’ve done it myself in the past. That’s why I’m really supportive of the campaign for there to be a mental health first aider in every workplace – I can’t imagine there’s any business that wouldn’t benefit from staff knowing that there’s that bit of extra support there for the times when they need it the most.”

Charlotte was put forward for the training by Pan European Networks as she previously worked as a mental health nursing auxiliary, commenting on the training Charlotte says:

“I’ve worked as a mental health professional in the past but I still learned new things on the course and found it really useful. It makes you stop and think about your own mental health at work, as well as, how you can support other people. The more we all start talking about mental health at work the less stigma there will be, and that can only be a good thing.”

The campaign to make mental health first aid at work compulsory continues following a debate in parliament last month. Pan European Networks hopes that by signing up for the training and supporting the campaign it can help contribute to an eventual change in the law.

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