Bristol to Host Inaugural Menopause Conference to Educate Businesses


18th of October is World Menopause Day, and this year business owners, corporate leaders and HR directors will be coming together in Bristol to learn more about how to create an inclusive workplace for women at this stage in their lives.

The event, taking place at Airbus in Filton, will be hosted by Bristol-based menopause expert and founder of Women of a Certain Stage, Lauren Chiren, and will include talks, panel debates and open-table discussions.

Lauren says:

“Menopause affects over 5 million working women every day. Many female employees are suffering in silence. This event will provide the information you need to create an inclusive workplace for women at this stage of their lives. In partnership with Airbus, Lloyds Banking Group and Genderbuzz, we will be discussing managing menopause in the workplace, and why businesses need to nurture women after 40.”

Panellists confirmed include Wendy McGuiness and Adelle Martin of Lloyds Banking Group and Claire Farrow Programme Manager and Diversity & Inclusion Lead - Outsource UK from Outsource.

Claire Farrow says:

“I spend a lot of my time talking to businesses about the importance of inclusion when supporting a diverse workforce and research has shown that ensuring ‘a sense of belonging’ should take prime position for any business serious about employee engagement."

"A recent meeting with Lauren has opened my eyes to the potential impact menopausal symptoms could have on an ENTIRE workforce and strongly believing that achieving total Inclusion, should mean supporting EVERYONE.

"I feel honoured and delighted to have been asked to be a part of the World Menopause Day Event with Women of a Certain Stage, to personally learn more about this important topic, and to help keep the conversation going.”

Natasha Stromberg from Genderbuzz says:

“Genderbuzz is supporting Women of a Certain Stage on World Menopause Day because we believe that women of all ages should be valued and supported at work."

"When we enter our 40’s we start to reap the rewards of years of learning and hard work. But for women, this also coincides with a time of great hormonal change which can be very disruptive.

"By working with companies, Women of a Certain Stage are helping to make sure that Female talent remains within the workforce through their 40’s and beyond.”

The World Menopause Day Conference takes place on 18th October 1-4pm at Airbus in Filton, Bristol. For more information and to book your ticket go to: