WeDo Trade Finance is Live!


We are very proud to announce the launch of WeDo Trade Finance, with Managing Director Vince Tovey at the helm and Operations Director Chris Crank by his side. The team have more than 50 years’ experience between them. So, WeDo say with confidence, you will not find more revered, in-depth expertise to support your business importing goods to the UK.

WeDo Finance was launched in 2019 by Mark Lindsay. Mark wanted to create a network of businesses to provide support across different sectors. The company was built on the core values of bringing together the best expertise, curiosity and empathy of an elite team who will work tirelessly to bring extra value, support, and growth to clients.

Vince Tovey first took a position for NatWest International Trade Division at 16, his passion for import funding requirements had begun. In 1998 Vince moved to Davenham Trade Finance where he gained more in-depth knowledge of how he could add real value to SME businesses. This is where Vince met Mark.

Chris Crank spent almost 10 years with Davenham in Client management, specialising in supporting SMEs with Trade Finance and the next 10 years with Bibby Financial Services working as a Relationship Manager, providing Trade Finance facilities.

WeDo Trade Finance focusses on a niche in the market, there are few people in the UK that have honed their expertise toward the importation of goods.

WeDo Trade Finance has a desire to support SME businesses with the purchase of stock, easing the burden and stress of bringing goods into the UK. 

Under new Brexit legislation, there is a lot you need to digest! WeDo know how to best facilitate your business.

WeDo Trade Finance can pay up to 100% of the cost of goods, including freight, duty, and VAT. Trade Finance is a short-term bridge, that will see your supplier paid so the goods can be shipped. You sell your goods and repay the initial lend!

Uninterrupted trade! What more could you need?

The fundamental principle of WeDo is to take away the stress, headaches, and sleepless nights, so you can focus on running your business!

Without the cashflow worries, you can be free to fulfil orders, increase turnover and therefore increase your profitability.

Why not give us a buzz and see how we can support you. WeDo put the fuel into your business. Bringing reliability, certainty and assurance to help your business grow.

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