Smith & Williamson Hosts Philanthropy Event For HNW Women


Philanthropy came under the spotlight at a special event for high net worth women hosted in Bristol by financial and professional services firm Smith & Williamson.

Leading Bristol philanthropist and businesswoman Anne Nisbet was among the speakers at the “Exploring Philanthropy” event.

Anne is a director of Nisbets plc, one of the world’s largest multi-channel retailers of catering suppliers and equipment, and a trustee and chair of The Nisbet Trust, which provides grants to a range of causes throughout the city.

She was joined by established philanthropy advisor Emma Beeston, Amanda Browning, a director at Smith & Williamson Financial Services Limited in Bristol, Sue Turner, CEO of the Quartet Community Foundation, and Sarah Moore of Bristol-based Unseen UK, which works to combat human trafficking and modern slavery.

“I took our audience through various aspects of philanthropy including the tax benefits, how one goes about gifting through income, why we encourage families to set up their own charities to help educate future generations understand the value of money, and the importance of dealing with professionals throughout the process,”

said Amanda Browning.

“This was an excellent gathering and our aim is to begin building a network which can come back together later in the year in order to share experience and best practice.”

Sarah Moore said high net worth women who are considering giving are often unclear on where to go for information and guidance.

“I talked about giving circles, which are a well-established mechanism that raise millions of dollars in the US and are a targeted, collaborative way of building a network,”

she said.

“Bristol is a really exciting and evolving place to live at the moment and it is great to be able to start a conversation with women in the city who have wealth and to begin the process of building connections.”

Sue Turner said:

“It’s not fair that 80 per cent of all charitable income goes to the largest 6 per cent of charities, while hundreds of small local causes operate on a shoestring. These are often the same groups local people in need turn to for help - and they need our support now.

“It’s clear that there is a real appetite to support those causes that we see on our doorstep, and to make a difference locally.

"Emma Beeston shared her top tips for new philanthropists, ending with a call to 'just start' giving. With the coronavirus crisis now upon us, the charitable sector needs funds now more than ever. So as a first step, new philanthropists can donate to Quartet Community Foundation's Coronavirus 2020 Response Fund ("

Smith & Williamson plans to hold a further philanthropy for high net worth women event in the autumn, subject to the evolving Coronavirus situation.